commandments of mafia

Mafia, a secret order that started in the mid nineteenth century, runs using a set of rules and code of conduct. For years, police officials have yearned to know these secrets to counter their operations and criminal activities. This documentary exposes and unearths the commandments governing the Nosa Costra.

Legend has it that Mafia was born in Sicily out of the necessity of the people to protect themselves from the Spanish rule. The Mafia soon learned that offering protection is an easy way to earn money. When the Spanish left the country, the Mafia generated money by doing illegal activities. When America opened its doors to the people of the world, the Mafia then migrated to the US.

The first commandment talks about who can or who can’t belong to the group. You have to be invited to the Mafia and anyone with a close relationship to the police cannot be one. Interestingly, you also have to be of Sicilian heritage to be a member. Even Al Capone was barred from being a member because of this. Find out the rest of the commandments by watching the documentary below.

The 10 Commandments of the Mafia

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