From a childhood in “Shangri-La” to a life in exile, BIOGRAPHY presents the riveting, life-affirming journey of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. One of the world’s most admired men, he is the spiritual and secular leader of a nation that exists only as a “Lost Kingdom.”

The Soul of Tibet

Born Tenzin Gyatso, he is the 14th Dalei Kama, recognized by his people as Buddha’s reincarnation and honored with the title he is known by worldwide: His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Yet, for a man so widely respected, the Dalei Lama has been living in exile since 1959, after a failed rebellion against the occupying Chinese forced him to flee from Tibet. Highlighting key footage from the Dalai Lama’s life–including his acceptance of the 1989 Nobel Peace Prize–this enlightening documentary features interviews with Chinese scholars, Tibet activists such as actor Richard Gere, and His Holiness the 14th Dalei Lama himself to chronicle in great detail the ongoing struggle to free Tibet.

Dalai Lama: The Soul of Tibet


  1. So, Buddhist, you like a god as leader? an cruel god in whom system women have no rights and the normal people even so?

    bad ass man with good PR, the dalai lama

  2. we learn from the enemy, his holiness said,im honored to have heard of this great person and his teaching i continue to better myself to teach. great biography

  3. Cat Stevens is one of the most popular artists in the music business of our time. He had many albums in the top 10 and sold millions of albums. But Cat Stevens got also famous for his transformation over Buddhism, Hinduism and Numerology over the the religion of islam

  4. After looking this documentary I am very much disappointed from global community on their cold reaction to Dalai Lama’s appeal to save innocent people’s lives and at the same time respect India for their support(whatever be the reason).Not at all sorry to say that I too beleive that religion is poison.If it would have not been than a religious country like Tibbet would not have been in such trouble.Innocent people of Tibbet should have been taught to focus on their education insted of wasting their time in being a part of useless rituals.If they would have done that,in that process they people would have became more fertile for humanity and world.In that situation this practical world would have supported thier interests more soundfully,who wouldn’t have backed the home land of scientists like Great
    Einstein and many more.Still give five great scientists of all time Tibet this whole world would start sympathizing with you people.I respect Dalai Lama as a great human being and political leader but I won’t credit him as a spiritual leader.My good wishes and possible support to you people

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