battle of chernobylThe date April 25, 1986 will be forever engraved in the minds of Ukranians. Three kilometres away from the city was the Chernobyl nuclear power station which consists of four nuclear reactor units generating over 1,000 megawatts each. That day, an experiment in the fourth block was commenced to come up with new ways to conserve energy. However, unforeseen chemical reactions caused the 1200 ton cover to be propelled out releasing a powerful stream of radioactive vapour with uranium and graphite.

What was supposed to be a normal spring day was marred with a serious nuclear accident. The first five people killed were the first set of persons to fight the fire. With inadequate gear and exposing themselves to deadly dosage of chemicals, they were killed that day itself. The effects of this nuclear accident manifested in the succeeding months. Just on the succeeding day, the clouds manifested a change which can only be from the radioactive column.

The effects of the explosion weren’t realized immediately by the media people and the citizens residing near the power plant. On the succeeding day after the explosion, the amount of radioactive material in the air is 50 times more than the normal dosage. As the documentary will show, the months coming after will be filled with countermeasures to eliminate this invisible enemy.

The Battle of Chernobyl

Discovery Channel


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