The Church of Scientology

Every person is free to believe in whatever religion they might like, but the Church of Scientology as a religion that is operated like a military regime. Targeted only to recruite new members for their church and to get their money. This documentary film gives some interesting insights into Scientology and its’ methods.

The Bridge – Insights about Scientology




  1. Even though I personally wouldnt consider this a documentary, I really liked it because there is probably so much truth to it about scientology. It kinda reminded me of a Saturday Night Live (extended version) skit. I will certainly reccommend it friends.

  2. Is it just me, or is this movie just a pile of dog fecal matter?

    It didn’t even make sense, or even explain Scientology AT ALL.


  3. The three worst things you can do with your life: joining the Church of Scientology, watching this film in its entirety and feeding yourself through a muncher feet first.

    In no particular order…

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