wallstreet-billionairesEver thought about how those Wallstreet Brokers lived, while speculating with your money and burning it in the financial crisis? In this documentary you see the homes of Billionaires and multi Millionaires who earned their money on Wallstreet. But they don’t only have huge appartements and residences, they have their own private jets, luxury yachts and so on. Not even thinking about small investors they made billions of dollars and enjoy their lives. And you – what are you doing now???

The Fabulous Life Of Billion Dollar Wall Street Ballers



  1. Christian. Money creates power, power creates influence and influence can change the playing field to further favour the wealthy. Those conglomerate of big businesses the American Chamber of Commerce appoint the judges that decide on their mandatory arbitration contract litigation complaints purely to find in their favour is just one example how your American justice system fails and fails democracy. Reread that “We the People” preamble and take the blinkers off. A system gone rampant with a widening gap between wealth and poverty creates resentment will eventually bring itself down. Of these Wall Street Brokers, Bankers, Politicians, Legal eagles, Actors and Athletes none of which are directly productive very few are worth the money they get.

  2. to all the people who are defending the financial markets— i ain’t mad at ya. i’m disappointed that you would rather be a part of a broken and corrupt system just to make money so you can have nice things. i’m not saying it’s wrong or immoral, but in my opinion it is much better to work to improve the world and your surroundings than to buy material posessions that make you forget about the injustice in the world. that happiness you get while swimming in that private pool or driving that expensive car is an illusion. people are starving to death every day and you are working in an industry that perpetuates- even created- this. i’m not saying that you personally have caused the horror that is continually bombarding this world, but by working in the financial market and not in some other field that would actually be of service to humanity, you are stroking the big banksters egos and lining their pockets with the wealth that should belong to the world. and by the way, the wealth of the world these days is counterfeit. since the federal reserve was made the controller of the us money, inflation has pretty much guaranteed that our money is worthless, and they are making the people pay for loans and speculations that the people did not make. money money money money. that’s all they want you to care about, and you are doing a great job. when you get to the end of your life and you review what you have or haven’t done, i have an inkling that some of you may be disappointed, or maybe even regretful, that you pursued the almighty dollar rather than doing something meaningful. the end.

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