If you are on the run, if you search for excitement, if you love to be a warrior, if you like to kill, if you have killed, if you have nothing to loose – then you go to the french foreign legion. Some call it an army of thefts – because it is said, that no one comes to the foreign legion, if everything is allright in your life. That’s why you have to sell everything you own when youjoin the french foreign legion. You even get a new identity – if you wisht to. All you have to do is survive for a minimum of five years and follow the orders of your superiors. The french foreign legion goes to places no one else wants to go. They fight their war until they die. But if they should survive, all their mistakes they made in their live before are forgotten. They start over with a new identity, a lot of experiences and some money in their pockets. But allthough it is called to be the toughest army in the world – only 1 out of 12 people get accepted as soldiers in the french foreign legion.

Warriors of the French Foreign Legion


  1. After 30 years in the RAN, if I had my time over again I’d be joining the Foreign Legion. A sensational documentary!!!

  2. What does Gen. Schwarzkopf mean when he says “they are the ultimate builders… the PENultimate builders of unit cohesion…” ?

    I think he may have said ultimate, then thought about it, and then backtracked to penultimate after thinking about Sparta or something without saying anything. Either that, or he just doesn’t know what penultimate actually means.

    The Penisultimate

  3. I hope to enlist in the FFL when my 3 years probation is over . Fuck America if there military don’t want me then I’ll fight for France.

  4. To anyone thinking of joining, I suggest reading ” Life in The French Foreign Legion” by Evan McGorman. You can also google his website, and email him. He is very helpful. If what he says is true, you will find it disappointing. If you want to join, keep in mind they get military veterans from all over the world. You may competing against men from the British military or some Eastern European countries who are use to military life already. In reading what legion veterans have said, I think Norman Schwarzkopf is full of it.

  5. The first sentence, ” ….if you have nothing to loose”, is spelled wrong- it’s “if you have nothing to LOSE”. If your only job is writing, you suck at it. If you’re not careful you’re going to LOSE your job and then you’ll be on the street begging for LOOSE change.

  6. If you class yoyrself under any of the categories listed in this article you will not get passed the first interview. As someone who served in the Legion Parachute Regiment (2eme REP)for 11 years I can tell you that the selection process is very, very selective with only 1 in 50 getting passed the first stage.
    It is exactly because of this kind of reporting that I wrote my autobiography,
    ‘FIGHTING FOR THE FRENCH FOREIGN LEGION’ (Memoirs of a Scottish Legionnaire).
    It is the only multi national, multi religous, multi lingual military organisation in the world and are present in every modern peace keeping mission, including Afhganistan. The are usualy the first military organisation in place under the United Nations flag and I was proud to wear the U.N. blue berry in Sarajevo in 1993.
    As I say, it was because of articles like this that I decided to go into print.

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