financial crisisIt’s not without a doubt that America is currently experiencing one of the greatest financial crises of its history. Some experts say that the worst has passed and that the country’s economy is slowly gaining its ground. For those people who invested in stocks and mutual funds, the crisis is still not over. This documentary carefully studies the events that triggered the crisis and the possible aftermath of this in the future.

Using the accounts and testimonies of expert financial analysts from all over the world, the documentary seeks to find out the cause of America’s financial crisis. It also seeks to answer where it all started and what counter measures could have been taken by those in position to prevent the scenario.

Most people say that the financial crisis has its roots on the incident that happened on September 11 otherwise known as the Twin Towers Bombing. When terrorists used commercial airplanes to bring down the World Trade Center, they brought down not just the towers and the lives of people in it but also a renowned symbol of the country’s financial power.

Spend a few minutes to watch this very informative documentary that analyses the great financial crisis that America is experiencing.

Overdose: The next Financial Crisis

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