Pablo Escobar, world’s most wanted druglord, has killed thousands of people over the years. With the help of testimonies, Discovery Channel creates a detailed look and presentation on the last hours of Paolo Escobar.

The documentary starts in a modest suburb in Columbia where Paolo is eating his aunt’s spaghetti. For her aunt, Paolo is a compassionate and intelligent man. For many others, he is the greatest criminal in history.  Hidden beneath the beard is his brain which was able to evade countless police and military agents while building wealth with cocaine.

The day started with Pablo wanting to call his wife and children. Knowing that the phone is tapped, Escobar asked his bodyguard to call and pretend to be a journalist seeking an interview. What Escobar don’t know is that a team of police officers are going around in circles to find the signal emitting from the phone.

When Escobar was first arrested in 1970s for the possession of 39 kilos of cocaine, the judge in the trial received death threats. The two officer who arrested him were brutally murdered. Even the journalist who published the news about his arrest was not spared. Even more shocking is that the newspaper where the news was published was bombed.

Watch the documentary below to find out how the police were able to neutralize Escobar and his team.

The King of Cocaine- The Last Hour of Pablo Escobar

Discovery Channel