manhattan-projectIn a race against the Nazis to develop an atomic bomb, the USA assigned leading scientists like Albert Einstein from all over the world to The Manhattan Project, an incredible scientific, engineering and manufacturing feat which would have everlasting global consequences. This documentary examines the Manhattan Project through government files, archival footage and accounts of surviving members of the developing team, including  Paul Tibbets, pilot of the Enola Gay, and directors of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Allthough the atomic bomb was never officially used after worldwar 2, the potential danger and risk is still there and shold not be underestimated.

The Manhattan Project


  1. click on Google in lr corner, it will take you there and you can go fullscreen.

    They don’t mention that the first…Trinity…test was contested by a group of the designers who had the math which showed that the detonation would ignite the atmosphere of the earth, ending all life on the planet. No one could DISprove it…so they set it off anyway.

  2. An excellent documentary worthy to be watched by many. It should be noted that the headline that summarizes this documentary is completely wrong. Albert Einstein was not assigned to the Manahatten Project, nor had any involvement with it. Einstein did sign a letter to U.S president FDR to investigate nuclear possibilities to get a leg up on the Germans. Only once during the project was Einstein asked a question in relation to device itself, but when he requested more information, the communication ended because he was considered a security risk given his pacifist, and political position. A good documentary. check it out.

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