Secret societies have been trying to influence politics ever since. With new methods of communication they are now globally connected and more powerful then ever before. The names of those secret societies sound familiar. They are called Illuminati, Freemasons, Templers, etc. and according to conspiracy-theorists their goal is to implement a “new world order“. This new world order’s goal is to maximize profits for their members and to centralize power. On the other hand side they have to silence those who critically question their plans.

The Illuminaty
by AIM (Australian Independent Media) / Christopher Everard-Jurquet



  1. the documentary would be great if it weren´t stupid.Maybe they (the men who made it) have some genuine information and some good points but they blow it all up by mixing it with their own personal beliefs and fears (which can be seen very clearly) and trying to impress the viewer by scaring him rather than bringing him logical and resonable arguments. big mistake. it makes the documentary look more like a nightmare before christmas story than anything else.
    P.S.: I do not whorship the devil, in case you wore tempted to think so. XD

  2. This is amazing. All these claims with barely a reference. Now that’s what I call here-say. You show all these images of palaces with scary music in the back-ground and yet, have never had access to show that there are in fact masonic temples within. This movie barely hangs on a silk string. Learn something about academic integrity and find proper sources and references for your claims.

  3. itS just that you both saw on this movie hoo my god…and the problem its lot bigger then masonics… here in portugal are lots of masonic people and temples and theres no problems…i respect you all but you only will understand wen you cant to nothing here on europe its wen russian and un kill as all in usa its the next 9|11 wen iluminati decide to go HELP AFRICA…

  4. the guys ho did this doc maybe did’nt have cbs or fox or bbc paying them to do wat they think its best,tank god theres docs like this and think why are you so shock’d… I do not whorship the devil to…

  5. I find that even though the facts are not as conspicuous and well-portrayed as we all would like it to be, the message that secret societies exist is nevertheless apparent. Secret societies have always existed, and when we listen to someone like JFK give a speech upon putting an end to secret societies, we see what happens (assassination). Thanks for the documentary, it is good to be informed.

  6. I must admit that there’s an effort behind this whole movie. I also have to admit that the whole idea of the existence of secret socities is pretty much acceptable and respected amongst the thinking community. The problem is that sometimes the overwhelming need of stating the obvious as if you just discovered America tends to be a great failure in the eyes of those who are well informed. Nice try though and PS:The budget is an issue considering the quality of the screen res, the actors or the sound quality as well. It’s NOT an excuse for giving away misleading information and/or promoting personal opinion. It’s not a documentary in my eyes.
    Dimos Markos, Athens, Greece, journalist

  7. This “documentary” is of the worst kind. Barely a reference to be seen, interviews only with proponents of the theory, and some absolutely laughable religious, well, crap. There are thousands of videos and books and websites that claim to spotlight the new world order conspiracy as a secret society. For fuck’s sake, the NWO was announced to the world by the president of the USA, hardly very secretive. And any documentary that hails the intolerable conspiracy profiteer that is David Icke as a valuable and credible source, for anything other than his own agenda, is a waste of your time.

  8. Exellent you think illumanati is a joke if you get your doller bill and see the eagel at the back then atch up he dots it becomes a star of david.

  9. I’m a kuwaiti citizen, for me this doc. is “a pow”, my age is 39 yrs., i lived the experience of the 3 major war’s in the region (Mideast). plus the middle-east crises (israel & Palestine)we now for a fact that the crises we live are from the cause by israel and U.S.A governments and the old world rap errs the british government. no doubt there is facts in this documentary realistic and everyone using the “web” can search and read the blogs, forum’s and see that our life is being lead by these corrupted governments. they would do anything just to be power, mankind in old history was killing his human brother for power,land,woman’s & religion believes, and we are the arab we have long history with these sort of conflicts, do you now why president bush divided the world to 2 groups ! , cause the 9/11 attack gave them more power & reason to expand there power and concur even more than what we think it’s “the war against terrisom” dominate over the middle east one side from iraq and the other one from Afghanistan, iran and syria one the countries that don’t bend over for the western countries. there for will be time we use only electronic money. u’ll see how we become controlled than now. there is another documentary made by multi religion group it’s called the “the arrivals of the antichrist”. i really recommend that u watch it.

  10. Is Christopher Everard-Jurquet under any sort of physiatric assessment? If not it would seem that he is in some serious need of help. How can this man string together so much abstract ideas and conjecture without any hard evidence, because it is all in his head. Secret Societies BAH, if they are secret them how does he know of them? Simple he does not know what he is talking about they are societies with secrets and not secret societies. Look at the churches for societies with secrets. There are so many lies and fragile half truths cobbled together it actually makes this so called documentary like the shows where he gets some of the music, Monty Python. At least the Monty Python movies were funny and probably based on more truths.

  11. As Google discontinued it’s Google Video platform we had to find another source. Luckily we found a version of the documentary on youtube. Enjoy!

  12. Might have been a good Doc., however the spanish texxt blocked out the english. Very poor, could only stand to watch 2 minutes.

  13. OMG, those documentaries are so bad.Has anyone of you asked themselves if those movies weren’t made by a force greater than those illuminati or freemasons just to make other stupid people think that they have no chance in this world?

    The crap that they sell is that there are forces beyond our knowledge, etc, etc, but in the meantime they don’t give a second option or anything.

    In my oppinion, all this crap about freemasons and illuminati is a very big manipulative action undertaken by men who seek power.To those men: you are creative enough, but there are still inteligent people around, so….

    For anyone who wants to contact me further, my e-mail address was written in this form and administrator of this website has it, for sure.Have a nice life and don’t take any bull$h!t.

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