obama-deceptionThe Obama Deception is a hard-hitting documentary-film  that completely destroys the myth that Barack Obama is working for the best interests of the American people. Throughout history people tendet to follow charismatic leaders and to believe everything they said. I say: Let’s be critical this time! Barack Obama is a great speechman – but do the things he does comply with what he promises?
The producers of this film thry to show that the Obama phenomenon is a hoax carefully crafted by the captains of the New World Order. He is being pushed as savior in an attempt to con the American people into accepting global slavery.We have reached a critical juncture in the New World Order’s plans. It’s not about Left or Right: it’s about a One World Government. The international banks plan to loot the people of the United States and turn them into slaves on a Global Plantation.

This film answers who Obama works for, what lies he has told, and lays out his real agenda. If you want to know the facts and cut through all the hype, this is the documentary for you!

The Obama Deception




  1. I suppose First Amendment rights have to be respected. Fortunately, we have the ability to turn off such right wing conspiratorial tripe.

    Crap like this is the “sad hoax”

    Grow up. You lost.

  2. When Hitler took Germany, and the nay sayers said, let’s stop this charismatic leader before he goes to far. Then Hitler supproters said, ” I suppose First Amendment rights have to be respected. Fortunately, we have the ability to turn off such right wing conspiratorial tripe.

    Crap like this is the “sad hoax”

    Grow up. You lost.”

    Thanks Harry. When you get your chip placed in your wrist, talk this crap then.

  3. I believe we (Americans) need to look beyond the left and right wing of politics because there is an agenda the powerful men and women of America are on that needs to be stopped; an agenda that connects the government to the Federal Reserve and other financial institutions and the powerful elites who run America’s economy.

    This agenda is to be the rulers of the world and their plan had been set into motion when since the first World War: the preemptive strikes (WW1, WW2, Vietnam War, War in the Middle East etc), the major financial crisis (1930’s, currently). While wars and financial problems plague the world, who benefits are private institutions: they are the carrion birds because they benefit from the destruction of the world.

    We also should not be as worried with how much we are in debt to other countries as we are to these private institutions existing right here in the USA because they have very strong influence with the choices our government makes. We may owe countries around the world a ton of money, but our government has been taking loans from the central banks, and we have to pay them back with interest. Realize that this gives the banks leverage in decision-making.

    Soon, if we do not take action, we will see the North American Union, African Union, European Union, and the Asian Union come together to form a one government world. All the World Wars, the invasion into countries America had no reason being in, the lies that had been told to start wars with a particular country, it all boils down to the reality that these major incidents were part of the orchestrated plan by the agenda-makers to have monopoly over various areas of the world. And when the time comes, we will see the cohesion of the disparate Unions across the world and the rise of the New World Order.

  4. Look, there is no great conspiracy here. I heard a statement a few years ago that changed my mind about many conspiracies. People are people, and people do not keep secrets. If there was a large conspiracy at work in the USA, more people would have come out with the truth. In order to conspire at the magnitude that these pseudo-reporters would have you believe, there would have been hundreds of people over the course of this sinister plan. You think that none of those people would have come out with the truth yet? Come on! This is a pitiful attempt by a few people to drag you into a coup. There is a psychological profile that goes with conspiracy theorists. It is called paranoid schizophrenia. Yeah, that’s right paranoid schizos are the ones most prone to believe conspiracy theories. They find patterns where patterns do not exist. And what is the most common thing you find when you dig deep into a conspiracy theory? Nothing at all. We are not in a solar maximum, we are in a solar minimum and we are still warming. Stop being lazy lemmings and do the work yourself!

  5. Something I think needs to be considered is when Conservatives and Republicans alike had control of the White House then we were attacked on 9/11, it was determined how to resolve the matter. After doing such, Democrats were determined to find what they consider the “truth” why that resolution was chosen and why a dictator was put out of power. In essence, Democrats only correct issues when the matter suits their needs, not when it suits America.

    On a final note, Democrats and Republicans are public servants. Meaning that both parties work for the people by following the United States Constitution. When these servants cannot follow the United States Constitution and are more concerned with their own personal emotions and beliefs, he or she will be replaced.

  6. people believe what is convenient for them. but the fact is that the bilderberg group does impose media blackouts, and doesn’t want anyone to know what they’re doing. they themselves say that they are trying to help the world, but i can’t speak of anything that any of them has done that has helped anyone but themselves.

  7. Well…….

    I have finally watched this whole production and I have even taken the time to read some of the recent comments.

    I have but one comment of my own……..

    To all of those who call this garbage, or conservative rhetoric, or right wing propaganda, take the challenge that Alex Jones proposes. Use you own mind and resources to prove that any of what was presented is NOT true. Present your own facts and prove to me that what was presented here and what we are currently witnessing in this country and the world today is not what it seems.

  8. ooh, my God this is nonsense, full of lie. look i m from africa and it is lie that odinga has ” odinga islamic alliance” this is propaganda.. odinga is christian and he prays same church with me…
    lie lie lie lie lie…

  9. you make people believe this. sad… actually the movie talks alot of true things that happen but many lie’s as well.. dont make us believe us all of it..

  10. WONDERFUL DOCUMENTARY.. HATS OFF..World what are you waiting for ? How many of these experience do you need to finally start using your brain. How long will you remain deceived by these money minded thugs ?? I feel pity for the people who still disagree with whats been produced to you in this documentary with ample proof.. are you going to throw these evidences into the trash for stupid reasons like Mr mikheal said in his comment “odinga is christian and he prays same church with me…” ? In fact the architects of all these know how ppl think.. thats why they have been so very successful in deceiving the world to fulfil their selfish desire.. How much money will satisfy them ? my god.. give them all the money they want pull them out of this.. Its high time u take action GOD..

  11. I really feel like you should try to back up more of the statements made in this documentary. It’s all very intriguing but whitout soueces and context it’s hard to take it seriously.
    You are using the same method of data mining and cherry picking as the “OSP” did to create a motif for the Iraq campaign.

    If your claims are not a 100% proven to be real and true then it’s all too easy to dismiss the rest as hard to trust as well.

  12. Maybe it would not be so bad if the whole world had equal access to clean water, medicine, housing and food, maybe it would not be bad if the ‘New World Order’ got its population together to find ways to clean this planet up before our greed destroys it forever. The USA is the biggest pig on the planet when it comes to wasting resources as if the world is their garbage dump. It might be nice if the different world unions agreed on a level of existence that the US has enjoyed at the expense of everyone else. But that’s been proven unstainable, so we all need to come to terms with it: the party is over. No amount of guns and ammo will substitute for clean water and non-GM food.

    This Schlock-umentary is deluded. It assumes the superiorty of the american people and only serves to scare the herd, whip them into an ignorant frenzy, thinking that a coup will help anything. There aren’t enough I.Q. points in this movement, heaven help us if it actually catches on.

  13. for the idiot (yes i said IDIOT) up there who put down “When Hitler took Germany, and the nay sayers said, let’s stop this charismatic leader before he goes to far…..” are you an idiot? really? what kind of argument is that

    so every charismatic leader you’ve heard of in history turned out to be Hitler right? by the way Hitler was in the first half of the previous century for one thing we’re not even in that century anymore (you might have missed that too Will)…what i’m getting at here is that its fair to say people were easily influenced by “a charismatic leader”

    what was the average education level when Hitler came to power? do you know that, because unless you do, you really have no argument in your comparison of Obama to Hitler….and for that matter where were these documentaries when a certain Mr. Bush was elected not once but twice

    tits funny because the same people who are quick to judge this documentary to be all truth and so on are the same ones who are quick to deny conspiracy theory of 9/11……why is it that NOW we should chose to believe this particular documentary about this subject of “those who really have power in the background” when the perfect example should have been “how was it President George W. Bush was elected a second term even after the issues of Florida in 2000” THAT alone should have been enough to wake the public…but see i’m not an idiot who just defends Obama blindly…personally i’m more inclined to believe in examples such as Zeitgeist…..to me the makers of this documentary had already revealed their nature and real Goal as soon as i read the title

    “The OBAMA deception”

    if the intentions are truly to educate ppl on conspiracies of “greater nature” it should have been the focus rather than Obama……


  14. its really funny to read some comments certain ppl seem to just come to the conclusion that this is all 100% legitimate when in reality this documentary does exactly whhat it is warning you about…..

    wow some of you need to go pick up a book or something…find the facts out on your own and come to your own conclusion from there…but no thats too much trouble for ppl….thats whats really wrong with the world

  15. “Throughout history people tendet to follow charismatic leaders and to believe everything they said. I say: Let’s be critical this time! Barack Obama is a great speechman – but do the things he does comply with what he promises?”

    and read this introduction……wow that Obama boy he speaks so good”……might as well have started it off the way it was really meant to be said….

    “i say lets be critical now?”….but do the things he does comply with what he promises”

    this documentary is ridiculous beyond belief its almost funny i mean how can you expect to be credible (to anyone with at least an average IQ) after you have an introduction with such pure stupidity

    ok lets be critical NOW because this documentary has managed to gather all the facts! HA…no i’ll be critical of Barack Obama according to what HE does not as to whatever garbage you ppl are spewing

    and the other statement i mean come on he’s a politician you were never supposed to trust him completely from the start if you need to be told you shouldnt even be voting cuz you have no idea why you’re doing it…wow this is amazing a 17 year old highschooler could disect this nonsense….its not to say its all false however the approach is no different from the topic its fighting against

    “This film answers who Obama works for, what lies he has told, and lays out his real agenda. If you want to know the facts and cut through all the hype, this is the documentary for you!”

    hahaha this is to much….so basically Obama is to take the fall for every mistake made by all past presidents before he’s even gotten a chance to do anything

    and those same ppl on the anti-Obama campaign who are on him in less than a year into his term are the same ones for whom it took 2 full terms to realise the mistake that was GWB…..

    even more credible you ppl are unbelievable

    ultimately what i’m syaing is that if your judgement of Obama is based on what this documentary tells you…then you might as well keep on farmin cuz ur already on that Global Plantation

    ppl need to learn to think for themselves…its as simple as that

  16. sooo…. um….. I’m guessing that the American people screwed ;but on the upside at least they will be a better form of gun control…..maybe? though if they may want to rethink that flight to disneyland because their little bundle of joy may be considered a terrorist. LOL I just had a visual thought of a childs nappy being tested for anthrax. If this documentry is to be believed (and believe me that chubby guy that yelled and dribbled his way through the first half didn’t really inspire credibility) My fullest and deepest sympathy’s for the people of the united states and their children’s future. As the old saying goes NEVER TRUST A BLACK MAN……or a mexican

  17. If any of the above posters read this, do me a favor… google Alex Jones. He is NOT right wing, he has done a number of 9/11 and anti-Bush docs (I was actually surprised that he went after Obama, but he’s right Dems and Reps work for the same moneyed interests, not the people), and while he may be a bit blustery (and slightly over-the-top), he is also well educated about what he’s talking about and often gives excellent information/sources.
    I take him and his docs at face value. Yes, they are highly conspiratorial. Yes, there are times when I wish he’d tell us where/how he got certain documents or information (but I understand that he can’t always do that, to quote the corporate media, “due to the sensitive nature of the topics”).
    I don’t believe everything I hear in his docs (I’d be a hypocrite if I did, since I believe nothing I hear from the corporate media), but he raises interesting questions and makes plausible (if strained) connections that don’t get talked about. [I choose not to believe that there is a worldwide conspiracy “per se” but I do believe that a lot of what he talks about COULD come to pass just because it’s good business- – and business, a.k.a. money, is what drives generally good people to do bad things to each other. For example: He talks of a global prison/slave system. Well, I bet there’s more than one company that would jump at a free workforce- – no payroll- – if only it were socially acceptable. We already employ people at starvation wages and have workers living at the factory, and we don’t disparage those companies, we call them The GAP and Wal-Mart.]
    If you haven’t watched this yet, try to keep an open mind. I hope he’s not right about everything, but this is stuff you will NEVER see on television. Ask questions- – from both sides- – and question yourself.

  18. Loved the documentary think more people should see it and decide for themselves how they feel about our government.

  19. These documentary’s are handed out for free every where to inform the people. and free on their website. so you are just in disbelief. and who do you know who didnt watch it? big ego’s dont make you psychic.

  20. Hey,

    Great doco, i think the way to get messages accross these days is through making doco telling the world the tureth and giving them the chioce to either be ignorant an turn a blind eye to it all or stand up an be a voice and hands of action in this world of suffering and lies! On a lighter side here is a link it a small mocu made last year, not everythig ha sot be to serious in life so here is something to give you a laugh! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bGs7GbwZzno

  21. you should feel lucky that your countrymen can get out and vote. I LOVE OBAMA.. I LOVE HIM AND HIS FAMILY. Your way of life shouldn’t be due to the Market YOU WORK FOR. Barack is looking out for all of you, and us.

  22. How depressing is it that, after letting this stuff sink in for a while- I honestly can’t tell what the truth is anymore.

  23. There will always be certain individuals, Alex Jones among them, who believe in vein that they’re smarter than the average individual and have caught onto a grand narrative through which they can interpret world affairs. The reality is these individuals are often not educated and are ignorant of history. They look at historical events only insomuch as they serve to fit a linear system they devise. In this way the conspiracy theory author himself preys upon the ignorance of others. For those uninformed about historical events the “presentation” of Alex Jones’s view appears legitimate. How sad. I watch these “documentaries” for entertainment value. I suggest anyone who actually wants to become informed about world events, society and history, should approach in critically as professional historians do. Keep in find Jones could never, in any way or form, be accepted as an individual who understands research. The saddest thing is, I think he actually believes his own bullshit. But it’s not like he’d be the first individual to fall into this trap.

    Read books, learn more, and never rely on any one source for your material.

    P.S – the real damage of a conspiracy video like this is it detracts from existing problems in its narrative of events and forces believe to believe the scope of their power is small. It’s a pity.

  24. Haven’t watched it yet…just reading the comments. Hitler’s National Socialism Party employed a small army to do his bidding when he became the leader of a Germany that was decimated by the sanctions that were imposed on it by the Allies after the Great War. Their economy was in shambles due to hyper-inflation of which by all signs we in the US are heading. Yes a charismatic leader can spoon feed the masses what they want to hear and the ones who don’t take to the message conveniently disappear. It’s all written down in the history books. Do some checking and you will know this to be true. Our involvement on the world stage, particulary in the Banana Republics in the interest of Big Business sent our military countless times to protect these interests of which I can guarantee did not benefit you or I. Mr. Bush’s grandfather was on the board of the Federal Reserve which is a PRIVATE BANK and Mr. Wilson even said after being bullied into signing this said ” I fear I have sold the interests of this country to International Bankers, to wit the Rothchilds and their ilk. I’m not a conspiricist.I just look at the facts that are plainly written in black and white. I suggest you do the same.

  25. Maybe this can give all true Americans some additional energy to boost your morale :
    I’m livin’in the Netherlands for over 40 years and at least 17 of those years i fought our local financial system wherever i could. (i’m so unfortunate to be born with common sense …)
    As you can expect, my life is now fully depending on our local government and Justice system (Exactly as told in the movie btw !)
    To me it was like watching what happened to me for real; some government cashier dictated my life ever since the system realized that i was a danger to them. But what they still don’t realize is that THEY are responsible for the way my life goes.
    At this moment i’m homeless (while i actually studied Economics and Computer Science at Academic level ;p ) and without any financial income, except for some very small payments as result of doing some private jobs that comes around every now and then.
    So you can imagine the way how i feel about seeing all you people standing up ready to fight for our Independance, i really wish i could be physically part of that.
    Here, in the Netherlands, it’s impossible to even get close to a fight like that since 9/11.
    Bush personally visited us those days and spend an entire month for holiday (probably business) and soon after he left things really started to change, for example : Suddenly there was that one big company called U.P.C. who provided almost every dutch house with internet connection, and soon to expand to the one and only cable and television provider. But as you can expect it was all tend to be a huge scam, without our government ever interfering whatsoever.
    ’till this day they still expand their influences throughout Europe and many citizens are already victim af their scam, on a large scale.
    All that knowing i can now truly tell you that if i had the weapons, things would be very different because every time you know you didn’t do something wrong and yet you know that that cop is gonna take away your freedom for nothing and then send you on your way again after a few days, that will tear a man apart in the end, so If i would be able to show those cowards what it’s like to make a decision about life and death, maybe then they will be convinced.
    But then again, on my own it would mean nothing so that won’t happen.

  26. For those that view the NWO is as a hoax, I laugh in the face of your ignorance, and am embarrassed for your simplicity. The facts, are, just that, FACTS. Read, or re-read George Orwell’s 1984. The similarities are uncanny.

  27. Unfortunately, Kara, it is not nonsense at all. I wish it was.

    Yes, Alex Jones is over the top. Yes, he stretches for conspiracies when none are there. Yes, I wish he documented and annotated better.

    But enough of his facts are verified and cross-checked to make this freaking terrifying.

    You are free to reject his implications and theories. Personally, I reject about half of what he says about “why”.

    But when it comes to “what” he’s pretty hard to refute.

  28. I didn’t start watching the documentary yet, but, I have to say obama took my hopes a shattered them. He said he smoked weed, and yet when they had the white house town hall conference he played the highest rated question “should pot be legal” and turned it into a joke. There are tons of reasons i totally hate obama now. But, the sadist thing is that he gave ultimate humiliation to the black man. Obama acted as though he was a breed apart from other politicians, but low and behold he still turns out to be a corporate puppet. African americans can never again say america would be better if we had a black president because as we have seen, the color of your skin doesn’t matter just the color of your soul.

    “the only way we can change anything is to have total war on the super rich, who now own america and americans.”

  29. It’s so sad, that President Obama, got voted in, with the slogan, “Change we can count on”! But, we end up with only the change remaining in our pocket, to count on. as he becomes another Puppet, to the War Profiteers, and War Criminals, and Those whom have committed crimes against Humanity. whom go not arrested, without trial, or term in prison. to have lowered the reputation of America, into a sewer. the lowest of any time in history. and the U.S. bankrupted, and no one held responsible, for the corruption which we have exported, via war, everywhere on earth. to have gutted the Constitution, and bill of rights. they are the true treasonous cowards, which have stolen Americas bright star, and plummeted the U.S. into the depths of a sewer. most Foul !

  30. Some of these statements are probably the most naive things I’ve ever heard. Conspiracy theorists are schizophrenic and they’re all false? All through history similar ones have been proven true, time after time after time after time. Given enough years, many of these will probably be proven true also. But by then enough time will have passed—that nobody really cares…doesn’t effect me! Welcome to slavery.

  31. I am a researcher and I already knew about the things in this film. The facts are there. Read books written by politicians in 1914 and 1915 telling about the Federal Reserve Act. Read L. B. Woolfolk’s book written in 1890 called The Great Red Dragon. Don’t write it off as nonsense until you have done the research. George Washington , Benjamin Franklin and , Andrew Jackson wrote books about the international banksters. Jackson ran for President on a promise to rout them out , won , and made Congress mint money just like the Constitution says. Read the Constitution. Wake up !

  32. The title and description alone has the stench of the typical american childish republican political smears. Any kind of serious journalism would have picked much more convincing targets for conspiracies the least. The description even has typos. Not even worth looking at.

  33. Ted Kelly picks on the paranoid schizos but not the Meglomaniacs… and a high dis-proportionate number of meglomaniacs are known to take up very high positions in corporate, political and armed services, well above the national average. Conspiracies would not have as much meat to chew on if todays journos actually did their job, to find the truth and print it. But, when media like the Murdoch Empire clearly show right wing political preferences it is hard to imagine in the centuries of news reporting it has ever been any different. History proves people in power or money can change written history. Whether you like it or not, the creation of democracy by Greeks some 2,500 years ago is no different now as to when it first started, which means that anarchy is no longer the means to make changes. Obama is no different to any politician, they have righteous ideas at the begining but the political machinery grinds them down; all because coporates dictate along with the wealthy and powerful. Politicians and corporates know how to keep the masses happy, in 1the 1950s it was a family home in a new estate with modern cons. Now it is Foxtel on a 3D LED 60″ screen, Xbox and a fridge big enough to hold a carton of beer. Complacency is the end result; we no longer march down the street, we no longer fight for what is right, it just gets in the way of our Fox sports.

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