The Other Nostredamus – Documentary

nostredamusCould the future already be written? This Nostredamus documentary spans human experience to illuminate this question. Common wisdom has it we prepare for our future by understanding our past. But did the ancient prophets already know the future? Are we living in the world they predicted? In this enlightening and often unsettling series, the viewer revisits the prophecies and divinations of the Ancients and traces them to the modern events they may have been predicting. Beyond great leaders and pivotal battles, our history contains a trove of information and insight, tradition and warning. From the Tibetan Book of the Dead to a 20th Century Nostradamus, from the secrets of the Templars to the real fiend behind the Frankenstein story, these programs address some of these persistent curiosities from the Ages. If you want to see what is behind the mythological Nostredamus and what Adolf Hitler has to do with this, then watch this documentary made by the History channel and seek your answers.

Decoding The Past – The Other Nostradamus

History Channel


  1. I dont know about you lot but when the internet first came into my life I was amazed at the stuff you can get.
    Then I started watchin american TV and you realise you have been very lucky to have the BBC to grow up with
    Are the US capable of ever telling the truth about anything>?

  2. If you don’t like American television, then don’t watch it. Keep your rude, critical comments to yourself. I’m really getting sick of people putting Americans down and assuming we’re all the same. You can’t stereotype millions of people like you just did by calling all Americans dishonest.

  3. Im an American and even i know that our television networks are filled with garbage. YOu’d have to be a real idiot to believe what our Networks were telling us. And sadly millions of Americans are idiots. But they have the power to change if they wanted to, but Americans are to comfortable to deal with confutation.

  4. America is filled with lies, dishonesty, and unethical practices. I am ashamed to be a born citizen of a country where elected officials lie to us everyday and TV programs of all types push bias propaganda into our minds. Corporations have more power in American government than the people that elect the officials in office. All the major news networks swing to the extreme left or right always twisting the truth to increase rating or advance a position that they support. Bush cheated his way into office and Clinton bold faced lied to us all. Politicians are liars and use TV to brainwash the people. I don’t have cable TV because I don’t like being lied to or care for closed minded, bias programming. On the other hand I support BBC programs since it is a network that normally is unbiased. America government is tyrannical and we must keep in mind that history is written by the victor with a bias twist. The show on this site about stupidity helps put things in prospective.–512/ I am referring to the part where discusses TV and how it is being used to dumb us down. Section starts around 36:30. I hope America as a whole wakes up and realizes what is really going on.

  5. Well, maybe you didn’t catch the documentary (I apologize for not knowing the ‘exact name of it’, but Google the words and you will easily find it)… The 9/11 BBC Conspiracy. In this Doc it shows how, just like American television & news broadcasts are censored, etc., the BBC was involved in the cover-up of 9/11 with US! In fact, online RIGHT NOW, you can find an exerpt of that Doc where a BBC reporter is actually talking about how she just watched ‘Building #7 of the World Trade Center’ fall down, ‘right before her very eyes’. Funny thing is….Building #7 is RIGHT BEHIND HER IN THE FOOTAGE, IN PLAIN SIGHT (they weren’t even smart enough to remove the building from the footage with their technology….they were SOOO blatent in their deception that they should have AT LEAST done that. It shows me that they ALL think EVERY ONE OF US are morons. They did something else at that moment which was to not even bother looking at the ‘TIME’. As this was being aired to BBC viewers, they had a digital clock at the bottom of the screen ‘American, Eastern-Standard Time’ portraying this to be LIVE FOOTAGE and sure enough, BBC reporter was reporting the collapse of Building #7 before WE EVEN SAW OR KNEW IT HAPPENED YET (and I live in Philadelphia, approximately 90 miles from Manhattan and the same State where the ‘supposed American Airliner was downed in Shanksville) – I WAS WATCHING THIS LIVE. What does that tell you? This is so scarey … It’s no longer about American vs. BBC T.V. – it’s SOO much bigger than that – this New World Order is a REAL THING and before we know it, we will be cattle for the rich & powerful elite to do with as they want. It’s very sad.

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