The Pack: When Lions Attack – Hunting Tactics

when lions attackThere is no doubt that a lion can hunt well. A group of lions can even do so extremely well. No matter how big, how many or how fast the preys are, lions can hunt them with their patience and strategy. To understand how lions can turn into a pack of predators, this documentary studies the battle field and the strategies enforced by the pack of lions.

In Singita, South Africa, lions are in the top of the food chain. Unfortunately, their prey travel in groups which prevents them from single-handedly winning fights. Lions hunt in groups and they enforce three organized tactics to wear out and outwit their prey.

Their first hunting strategy is called the ambush. This is where they create an equidistant triangle with one lioness manning each point. Once the herd is inside the zone, one of the lions will attack. The rest of the herd can flee but they can meet lions on their way. The rest of the group will then reveal their selves and chase the prey across the forest.

Watch the documentary below to know the second and third hunting tactics enforced by the lions.

The Pack: When Lions Attack

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