al-qaeda nightmaresPoliticians are needed by the people to maintain harmony and organization in a community. They used to be highly regarded but controversies have tainted the reputation of the government. Now, they are viewed as merely public officials paid for their services in the city.

The documentary depicts an interesting conspiracy theory that states that the government exaggerates the terro rist forces that threaten the security of the people. This documentary claims that there are carefully formulated steps by the government to instill fear and worry to the population. In turn, the people will abide by the rules of the government therefore keeping them in power. The documentary strongly believes that most of those seen about terrorists in the media are fantasy and have little basis. The government is accused of creating a phantom enemy of historic proportions to let the people believe that there is an enemy that needs to be neutralized. Banking on the emotions of the people, the conservatives were able to restore their power.

The Power of Nightmares: Is there really an Al-Qaeda?