chinese economyChina is one of the fastest growing economies in the world with more than 10% annually growth rate over the last 30 years. It just recently surpassed Japan as the second largest economy in the world and will probably replace the USA as the number 1 economy in the world by 2020. Martin Jaques is the author of “When China Rules the World” and writes as a columnist for the Guardian. He analyses the strengths of China and its demographics and heritage and tells us why “western” countries have to stop their ignorance against China to keep up with them.

Martin Jacques: Understanding the rise of China





  1. Edward Richtofen…..I think he talks a lot of sense, you reply shows your western world ignorance and arrogance.

  2. Absolutely on the spot, although there are still much to be said/explained for the Western societies to be prepared for China’s strengths. But it is in no doubt that North Americans & Europeans are in a terribly profound state of ignorance & oblivion if we still think we run the world. China has been the most continuously and successively prosperous state in the world for nearly thousands of years (Roman empire came and went, Mongolian empire rose and fell, the Greeks and Egyptians all the same, the only time that China hasn’t been is the last 150 years, when the western colonial powers sought for the world’s wealth (and forced Macau and Hong Kong ports to be opened with the cheap Opium war) but unfortunately these last 150 years are the reason many of us remain ignorant of China’s powers

  3. Of-course China’s economy is rising, & by 2020, they’ll be the dominate economy. All of America’s jobs will be over there by then, & America will be a third World Country. That’s what happens when a Countries citizens fall asleep, & let Socialists take over. Keep sleeping American’s! Soon you’ll be speaking Chinese as your primary language..

  4. China’s central financial institution once again bumped up the level of cash reserves the nation’s banks must hold. The move is a try to curb Chinese inflation that is emerging as a serious threat to a global economy reliant on cheap Chinese exports. Donald Trump, who has suckered the media into believing he may run for president, has offered a solution to Chinese rising prices that involves a 25 percent tariff on Chinese imports, a suggestion that has been universally debunked by people who know something about such subjects.

  5. Thats rather interesting. I think that it will most definetly be the largest economy, I mean hell it has plenty of US currency to throw around 🙂

  6. This film talks about China in a really Neutral way. It is rather interesting to talk about China culturally, historical,anthropological,economically and politically. It is very true that the western countries are ignorant and arrogant about China. And they always try to view China in the western eyes. But the situation is very different from China. Every Chinese has to learn the both Chinese and the world history in the school.
    But as a Chinese who study abroad, i disagree with the topic “The Rise of China – Largest Economy in 2020”. China has huge population–1.3 billion. If you divide the Economy to every Chinese, it is still too far comparing USA or Europe. I believe China’s rising is a peace rising. The world can not be just dominant by Europe and the north America. You have to accept like India, China, Brazil etc. The world has to accept the diversity of the ideology as well.

  7. He had omitted a lot of other important aspects like dictatorship, absolute power, corruption, censorship & a race with low ethics & morals. Believe me, however it develops, you do not wanna live here.

    but it’s very true the East knows a lot more about the west than the other way round.

    I am from Hong Kong, the 1 country 2 system is more or less running, but China is violating this contract bit by bit. Our government is not democratic, only 50% of the legislation council is democratic.

    15years after the handover, a recent poll conducted by HK University for People’s Ethnic Identity shows that :

    HK Citizen: 37.7%
    HK Citizen (of China): 25.3%
    Chinese Citizen (of HK): 17.8%
    Chinese Citizen: 16.6%
    Others: 0.6%
    Unknown: 2.1%

    Note that HK Citizen sector (sum of 63.0%) is way higher of the Chinese citizen sector (sum of 35.4), in which Pure HK Citizen is more than double of the Pure Chinese citizen shows how much we DON’T recognize with China.

    China cannot become the next superpower by replacing USA, it must not happen.
    Look at what they (note that I used “they”) are doing to the people in Tibet (non-Han origin), what do you think they are going to do to the world once they don’t need to fear or care about your country.

    Thank God that Obama finally realized it and is moving the USA focus from Middle East to East Asia. We need to keep them Chinese govt in check.

    From Hong Kong

  8. As a Chinese from the north of China, I want to say that there still are many people lived in hong kong claim they are hong kong citizens and don’t agree they are Chinese. Someone even use the word “Pure’ to distinguish hong kong citizens from Chinese and have stupid opinion about he own better blood.

    However, it is no doubt that all people now lived in hong kong have 100% of blood of “Han’ people. All of their ancestors are from China. The only different point is that they used to live in the Western society and were accepted Western education because of different system.

    Now, more and more people from hong kong begin to opposite all ports of Chinese, they will never be proud of China if it makes great achievements or do something well because they just forget their ancestors, culture and root. I feel so regrettable about this.

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