The Search for the Lost World of Atlantis

search for the lost world of atlantisEvery study of the lost city of Atlantis begins with Plato. Plato, the father of Western philosophy, wrote a book about a utopian society where people have great engineering skills. Legend has it that the entire civilization disappeared from the planet in a single day and night.

Arthur Evans, a real life Indiana Jones, thought he discovered the Palace of Minoans during one of his explorations in Crete. The palace was sophisticated in design and massive in size which speaks of the high level of engineering that its people have. The plumbing and drainage system also supports this theory. It is also full of artifacts dated 3 thousand years ago. As it turns out, the palace can possibly be of Atlantis.

The biggest volcanic eruption in the history is said to be responsible for the destruction of the entire city three and a half thousand years ago. But there is still a big mystery surrounding this event and a lot of theories have come out. Using cutting-edge technology and expert interviews, this documentary from the History Channel rebuilds the entire city in hopes of figuring out what really happened.

Lost World: Atlantis

History Channel