The Story of Science: How Did We Get Here?

There have been, and there will always be, many intense discussions about the question how we got here. Many people believe to have found the answer to this question in the Bible. They think a supernatural power has brought us here and watches over us. Others however want proof and try to explain it on a more scientific basis.

This documentary shows some scientific facts and attempts to explain this question. People used to believe that the history of our planet and the history of humans doesn´t belong together. However research shows, that these stories are linked together closely. Violent events such as asteroid impacts or climate change affect the planet as well as all life on earth. Species are simply wiped out by such events and the remaining creatures are just the survivors.

To put it in a nutshell, our planet decides who lives.

The Story of Scienc: How Did We Get Here?



  1. The story of science and how did we get here. ? I believe you would call this link broken. misspelled words in address. Still trying to find a way to watch it. 🙁

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