What is money and where does it come from? People have been using objects of value for trade since thousands of years, but our current money system works different than it used to be half a century ago. Now banks are more powerful than governments and are able to create more money than there actually exists. The powerful tool they use is “debts“. Our money systems nowadays is based completely on depts. Even the government has to ask for a loan from the banks! This documentary shows how money is created and who profits form this money system. With the knowledge from this free documentary it will also be easier to understand how the currend financial crisis could happen.

Money as Debt
By Paul Grignon



  1. very good info if you can get through the child like graphics.
    actually makes alot of sence when you think about the Bilderberg group and
    one of their top men, who was the last quote on the movie, Mr rockefeller.

  2. You “gotta” work on your spelling and grammar! Dept? Don’t you mean Debt? I mean this sentence-“Our money systems nowadays is based completely on depts”- is atrocious!

  3. Hi Toni!
    Thanks for your hint. I just corrected the error. The thing is, I am actually from Austria. I run German’s biggest documentary site http://www.dokumentarfilm24.de and founded documentary24.com to have a place where I can put my favorite english documentaries. I hope you forgive my english. I try my best, but I’m no native 😉
    But if you’d like to contribute to this website you are allways welcome to register and post your favorite free-documentaries online too.



  4. For some reason I can’t watch this documentary.
    Is there any another link/website I could access to watch it?


  5. Hello,
    thanks a lot for your comments. Unfortunately those critical documentaries get deletet sometimes on google video and it’s not allways easy to replace them.

  6. I really like this documentary, this is not for the first time I went through such documentary. It’s beauty is plain, simple and to the point.

  7. Excellent piece of work! Well done! The scariest thing of all is that NO ONE ever explained to us the way the system works… Congrats!

  8. This is another scare story from the conservative (right-wing) viewpoint. All countries with healthy political systems are able to control the creation of money through their central banks (like the Federal Reserve, Bank of England, etc.). Putting more money in circulation tends to lower interest rates, and that’s a tool that can be used to encourage business borrowing and spending in recessions. No problem as long as those in power aren’t dictators who just want to spend money themselves now and don’t care about creating inflation.

  9. DG1. i think your missing the point a bit. first this is most definetly a left wing view point. in fact the solution of a service based economy the documentary offers reeks a little of socialism. (not that i disagree with the overall point.)

    Second it makes no difference what the interest rates are or how much control you have over them. the point is that the worlds existing money suply is ultimately equivalent to the amount of outstanding loan principle in existence. the debt is outstanding principle plus accrued interest. no matter what the rate the money never exists to pay off the entire loan unless more money is created using even greater debt

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