parallel universeUp until today, there still exists a question as to whether a person can be living multiple lives through a parallel universe. What started out as a result of fiction writers imagination has turned out to be actually possible.

One cosmologist from MIT firmly believes that multiple personas of one person exist. He believes that our cosmic doppelgangers exist in realm that is beyond our reach. He further points out that studies have shown that the universe is massive and has no finite end. This means that at one point in time, there can be a universe besides ours. More disturbingly so, there can be a being that looks exactly like you in that separate universe. This cosmologist has even calculated the number of lightyears that one should travel to possibly find his or her doppelganger.

This Discovery Channel documentary seeks to investigate on the existence of a parallel universe. Narrated by award-winning actor Morgan Freeman, the documentary lays out both sides of the equation to help us all be one step closer to the answer.

Through the Wormhole: Is there really a Parallel Universe?

Discovery Channel