top military machinesAcross the centuries, military forces have been vital in ensuring the peace and harmony of a nation. While military leaders have been a factor on operations, machines and equipment help them do their job more efficiently. Armed with the latest technology, the military can respond to any situation within seconds. This documentary showcases the top 10 military machines.

At the bottom of the list is the longbow apache. This aircraft is responsible of gunning down over 500 of Iraq’s tank during the Gulf conflict. This battlefield helicopter is equipped with a 30-caliber chain gun that can fire 625 rounds per minute. The said gun is very precise and can hit a target located up to 2 miles. Each apache also carries 16 missiles that can penetrate any type of armour. The last offensive weapon constitutes 38 multipurpose rockets are located on each side. What’s also remarkable is the helicopter’s radar and thermal imaging which helps in night time operations. Today, the US employs over 800 longbow apache for peace keeping operations around the globe.

Find out which other military weapons made it to the list by viewing the documentary below.

Top 10 Military Machines

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