Undercover Investigation of Dogfighting Gangs

dogfightingDogfighting is a blood sport utilized for entertainment and may also create a revenue stream from stud fees, admission fees, and gambling.

This BBC Documentary shows an Undercover Investigation into the secret and dangerous world of international dogfighting. For a year and a half, a BBC undercover team operated alongside dogfighting gangs in the UK and Europe, capturing on camera the savagery of organized fights. The film also reveals how American pitbull terriers – a banned breed created to be the ultimate canine gladiator – have been sold by the gangs into inner city Britain.

Dogfighting Undercover





  1. American pit Bull terrier is a great breed !! Perfect as a family dog, greatest dog breed there is !!

    Just sad what the media turn this breed into !! The breed isent any worst then other breeds, have any of u ever had one? Before u judge one breed to death -Think , do u realy think a hole breed should be banned just because a idot teenager got a dangerous dog from a guy in a Pub ?? As said her there are kids comming in to hospital every day bitten, how many are from APBT’s?

    Ignorense gets a breed banned , what breed is next? The Staffordshire ? German Sheppard ? Retrivers ?

  2. i have a female pitt bull and she is the most simple nice intelegent dog the dog reflects the woner and his eviroment…my dog walks the street by her self evry kid every cop knows her and likes her,of course dont screw with her aaauggggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  3. when they discouver a fight they should kill the mens not the dogs they should help recouver the dogs…should we kill the thousens of pitt’s in the military and the police ha haha

  4. I cant believe the ignorance of people..

    ANY dog is capable of attacking and killing! There are more lab Attacks then there are Pittbull attacks to humans..Pitbulls Are LOYAL to people. They crave human Companionship and attention. Dog aggresion is bred into them.. But DA is MUCH MUCH MUCH different then Human Agression.. These people are idiots and know NOTHING about these animals.. Then again, they do what they can to get ratings, and pittbulls get ratingd because of the Naive and dumb people in this world.

  5. The dogs aren’t bred to be human agressive. The dog owners train them to be agressive to other dogs. It has nothing to do with the dog’s agression, it’s about it’s will to care for his owner.

    Pitbulls are wonderful dogs. There is no such thing as a bad dog, there are only bad owners.
    Train your dogs responsibly!!!

  6. For many years i owned an akita inu it was a loving and loyal dog and once woke me up prior to my house nearly burning down.A better guard dog i could not have owned but; It also mauled a rottweiler, killed four cats (that i know of),tore the flesh from a foxterrier and bit a friends leg (whom i didnt like anyway).I never mistreated this dog or ever encouraged it to fight nor did the owners that i got her from , in fact it would sit quietly while i watched tv,lay under my bed while i slept and guard my indoor garden while i worked (lol). even though it was loving towards me i knew that i could not leave her outside by herself,roaming the streets (btw anyone that lets their dog roam is an idiot and should not be allowed to own an animal), with small children or even immediate family. I always kept her on a lead when i walked her and crossed the road when ppl where passing. I was well aware of her genetic heritage and what she was cappable of as SHE WAS BRED for the purpose of hunting and protection.
    This week 2 pple have been mauled by pitbulls and at least 5 incidents this year that i know of have occured. the reason pitbulls attack other dogs is that they are bred for fighting other dogs plain and simple the reason that they attack pple and small children is because they are not the owners of the dog so when someone says that their pitbull is loving and loyal to them well i think…….NO SHIT!! but that does not mean they will feel the same about a total stranger. You cannot ignore or pretend that the pittbull has not been for a long time bred for the purpose of dog fighting and that any Pittbull may have the will to attack.

  7. There’s a reason you must inform your home owners insurance provider of your pit ownership in many states: they are terrorizers of the first degree. keep stranger’s children away from them. I personally know of a half dozen pits put down, due to attack, and only one example of another breed. You do the fucking math, apologists.

  8. Bullcrap they have no place in our homes, this doco is pathetic. Open your mind, any dog can attack, these dogs are bred to be dog aggressive NOT human agressive, yes you get the odd dog that will attck a human, but that is with any breed.

  9. OK… BBC, since when does a dog wake up and decide it’s going to be a viscous breed, get it’s friends together and decide killing each other for money is a good idea???
    These are human acts!
    This is more about the MYTHS of the Pit Bull! The problem is the fighting rings, and the PEOPLE creating them! The killers are at the other end of the leash, not the one wearing the collar!!!!! Pit Bulls are like any other bread, acting as there owners ask!
    When is society going to punish the bastards owning, operating, and making money off these fight rings?


  11. A Dog is born innocent it’s the owner who flipping affects the dog. If you train a pit-bull properly it is less likely to bite a person as a Labrador. It’s the flipping owners who are doing this. What is this gambling on a dogs death what kind of sport is this. These type of dog owners are retards. PUNISH THE OWNERS NOT THE BREED.

  12. Totally agree – its the people that make this happen, but that doesnt mean its a bad documentary, they name and shame and target major people and even get one of them arrested. The fact that its american pit bull’s always involved is because they’re the best fighting dog and therefore thats what dog fighting owners have. They’re not targeting APB’s on this doc, if they did that they would have carried on about genetics and breeding and how through selection aggressiveness and fighting attributes can be enhanced. They would have shown that although they are channeled to be aggressive to other dogs and not humans, that aggression cannot be controlled completely if the dog perceives a threat or animal instinct takes over and the dog goes for a weak human (a child), remember that predators (carnivores) pick of the vulnerable prey or even mistaken identity, a small child could easily be mistaken for another animal in the right circumstances. They would have had vets trying to prove the danger of APB’s over other breeds. Yes they had a child plastic surgeon show how the dog bites were from APB’s, but that wasn’t to slam APB’s, that was to show that these were not bites from pets but rather from actual dog fighting APB’s. In other words its the fact that the law has done nothing to stop dog fighting – it need’s to aim at the people involved, which is what the documentary aimed at, why the hell would they have risked taking camera’s to every meeting they had with the kingpins and other stakeholders. The fact of the matter is that if they brought down the people (which they worked so hard to expose), their would be less ill-treated fighter-bred APB’s on the streets who are likely to blow a gasket and kill someone, and only well-loved therefore loyal loving APB’s out there. Although it has to be said – YES their are attacks by other commonly perceived loving dogs like labs or retriever’s, which just goes to show how powerful that instinct in them is – after all they are animals, one should always take precautions no matter what the breed.

  13. and that bloke that electrocutes the injured pit bull, what a sick ****er, if it was really that badly injured why couldnt he have shot it in a more humane way, he didnt even kill it first time, that poor poor dog, i wish i could attach those clamps to his fricking balls and see how he likes it. but thats what kind of people they are, sick sick sick people.

  14. Not a pitbull hater i to think its the owmer but not always the case as i learned. Bought a pitbull (5 months)old for 150 great to people and the fellas other dog so i thought its a good dog little did i no he wasnt introed him to my other dog (lab) he went mad changed from wat i knew him from earlyer that day and started to show his teeth and bite him on the paw got him off but i couldn brake his stare on the lab gave him back cause i was worried he would do that to a child to much hassle

  15. I am really disappointed with this documentary. It only shows the pittbulls as a breed bred to fight and that’s it. When they are not fighting, they show them as a breed that hurts people ALWAYS and children even more. Really disappointed that this kind of information goes to the public and they rely on it because of documentaries like that. Really liked the one “Off the chain” that gives a much better view of this horrible situation, showing the dog used by men to serve in those rings instead of the men using the pittbulls as they would be born to do, like it is said in this video. Any viewer that watch this documentary, please go watch “Off the chain”.Pittbulls are not the problem, it’s the people owning them. They always mention the bites from pittbulls in the news, but it’s only a small percentage. Labs, German Sheperds, small white dogs can bite (and tend to do) as much as pittbulls or even more, because people let them get away with it. When you have a powerful breed and you are a responsible owner, you make sure to train, fix and love your dog so he will be an excellent dog in all situation.

  16. I am also disappointed with such a one sided portrayal of pit bulls. Also what is upsetting is that they make it seem as if the main problem with dog fighting is that once in a while a kid may get killed. Animal cruelty should be enough for this to be wrong. And by keeping on bringing in childrten into this, they just make all the naive and emotional ignorants out there support the killing of this animals instead of saving them

  17. not once do these people talk about how its not the dogs its the bastards breeding them, i own a 3yr old 36kg pure bred red nose pitbull and he is the smartest most affectionate dog i have ever owned, i have never heard him growl or show his teeth to a person ever and he plays with dogs of all sizes and gender, he is a pure sweetheart of a family dog.
    its a joke that these people involved in this disgusting sport walk away with fines and minimal jail time, if i was there when robert gonzales electrocuted that poor dog i would of stuck him in the pit and beat him to death like a piece of shit that he and the rest of them are.

    Why band a great breed on the actions of scum.

  18. I was attacked by a family american pit and he was brought up great, taken on miles of walks and this dog had even laid next to my baby and he would play, removing the dummy from my sons mouth, SCARY as hell when the dog turned on me and other members of the family, Iv been held at knife point before and I was more scared I was going to die when our family pit turned. I KNOW FROM MY EXPERIENCE THAT HE WAS TREATED SO LOVING! AND YET HE TURNED, I was sat on the bed next to him one min and then Im pinned down the next, he went for my throut 3 times before I managed to kick him off me, He was never hit, I KNOW IT IS THE BREED! And his brother, who didnt live with our family was even worse when he turned.. BE WARNED TO THOSE THAT STICK UP FOR THESE MONSTERS, I KNOW!!!!

  19. Fuck You. Its not the dogs its the people. You can claim it was always treated well and so fourth but you or someone before you mistreated them animals. I believe it should be the people put down not the animal. Fuck mankind.

  20. i had a beautiful pitty named styles my nabour called the spca on me and the dog was taken from me and they refused to ever let me see my companion again he was my best friend… i owned three cats witch he preferred to stay away from he was very quite and slept with me and my wife in our bed for the years i had him. he never even nipped at another animal …i had friends over all the time and styles loved the extra attention i feel for the family’s of attack victims honestly but i really don’t think the whole breed should be stamped out have you ever seen what a police dog(mainly German shepherds) can do but they respond to commands why is this??? training!! should we stamp out every breed that has an abundance of attacks oh yes and my daughter was only 2 when i got him and they also where the best of friend its sad that some other solution cant be reached besides destroying innocent dogs maybe put them down if they become aggressive but as it stand now its like killing all Germans for what the Nazi regime did

  21. Sadly, if you destroy/stop breeding all of the pitbulls they’ll only find another breed. I’m suprised people don’t bring this up in any media I’ve seen.

  22. The Problem 99% of the time is with the owner.
    Pitbulls were bred to be Human Friendly and to be good with kids, why do you think they have the nick name the nanny dog in the states.

    When the breed was developing any pitbulls that attacked a human were culed from the breed.
    No one wanted a dog that would attack the pit handdler !!!! ( please note that the scumbag ref in the dog fights shown was not bitten etc

    The lady hosting the interview could be seen to be playing with one of the pitbulls in Finland ! plus did anyone see any of the pitbulls attacking that Dunkel scum bag ?? i think not.
    The problem is with the owner – & many of todays owners are complete dickheads !! they dont want the Pit bull for its true character eg Kind,friendly good house pet and companion. They miss treat them, many kids in gangs TRAIN them to be human agressive.
    May i also add that any breed can be trained to fight !!
    We need to highlight responsible ownership.
    Its just a shame that these excellent pets are being misrepresented & abused by scumbags and in turn given a bad name.

    Before the Pitbull the badboy dog was the rotweiler !!!!!

  23. “Ellie” so in the UK how many children are KILLED by a “caretaker” yet we don’t exterminate humans??? It is the “humans” who abuse and misuse these dogs!! I have one and he is literally afraid of balloons and squirrels it’s like PEOPLE IT’S ALL HOW THEY’RE RAISED!! KILL THE HUMAN LONG LIVE THE SWEET PITTIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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