marilyn monroe mysteryOn August 5, 1962, Marilyn Monroe was pronounced dead. Upon autopsy, a massive dosage of sleeping pills was discovered in her body. Up until this day though, questions and doubts surround her death. Some believe that she took her own life while others think that she got involved with big personalities who wanted to silence her. Now, Discovery Channel recreates the site of her death and delves deeper to her death’s mystery.

The official cause of Marilyn Monroe’s death was barbiturates overdose. According to official reports, she took 50 Nembutals which can kill at least three people. However, a lot people believe that her connection with the Kennedy’s is the real cause of her death and that the government conspired to fake her suicide. Unanswered questions include why did her physician failed to inform the police right away. The crime scene location has also been extensively remodeled which have further raised suspicions. Conspiracy theories insist that Monroe did not take her life and was instead murdered.

Find out how Discovery Channel used the tools of the 21st century forensics to shed light on this cold case.

Unsolved History: Death of Marilyn Monroe

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