police-stateWith an ever growing police state, we have seen in recent months just how far some authorities have gone to keep the american people silent. This documentary “Unwritten Future” shows the systematic use of terror, in it’s various forms, against american citizens during the RNC (Republican National Convention) in September 2008. Footage includes police attacking non-violent demonstrators, intimidation, unlawful searches, surveillance of activists, testimony on political prisoners being tortured in jail, Iraq Veterans Against the War, and the Campaign for Liberty. The documentary also looks at government crackdown on journalists during the convention. Currently, eight of the “organizers” a being charged under anti-terrorism laws.

Unwritten Future

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This documentary can be used and downloaded free of charge at archive.org


  1. i was there. I was on the street with the protesters sitting at sawatdee restruant and it was scary. protesters were throwing smoke bombs. breaking windows. vandalizing everything and taking down people that werent there to march with them. the police told us to lock our doors and stay put and one stayed with us. The police protected us. They needed to use the force. I dont think you can ever judge that situation till you are there facing it. and it was scary.

  2. Hello Katie,
    thank you very much for your comment and the report of your experiences. It’s always good to see a situation from both viewpoints.

    Thx alot!

  3. At the RNC in 2004, the police were just walking up to protesters who were holding signs, and arresting them on false charges (disturbing the peace, resisting arrest, etc.). The only thing was, the lawless officers were caught on tape and the people who were arrested under false pretenses were released.

    THIS TIME however (2008), they planned ahead by arresting people with cameras first. That way all their illegal actions could not be caught on tape. This upcoming revolution (which is inevitable), will be won by NOT FIGHTING. Supporting this was is betraying our troops. Support our troops – end the war!

  4. Katie, There has been evidence that the “protestors” you saw were actually hired by the Republicans. They were not dressed like the other protestors, they appeared from nowhere, and then disappeared into a number of rented houses that could not be traced to their tenants.

  5. Certainly the rising of the 4th reich, armed police against unarmed people, your right to protest taken away by police clones with no faces who answer to unseen bosses. The attack on the women with the tear gas shows what we(the normal people men, women and children) are now faced with if you dont agree and want to protest peacefully. Bush said ” your with us or your with the terrorists” , which clearly means :you agree with us or you will be treated as terrorists, and that means being arrested for nothing, held without charge, no court case ect ect ect.

  6. I’m starting to think that your country(what the hell am I saying) the world is going to the dogs, the more I see the more I think that all this conspiracy stuff is ABSOLUTLY TRUE!!! I hope that one day we can rise up and defete all those rich bastards that we don’t vote for…and send them to their just fate….HELLLL!!!!!!!!

  7. I can understand the need to “maintain order,” but if I am participating in a lawful protest and the police throw tear gas, I could stop breathing. They have no way of knowing that their methods won’t kill someone who is LAWFULLY participating and exercising her free speech. It’s so ridiculous… Even though I’m sure the orders came from “on high”, the police should have more common sense than that.

  8. Crist why,… this was fucked up,… no wonder the whole world hates you,… what the fuck is wrong with your society,… you should lead us,… not scare the shit out of us,..

  9. Hah HA suckers…there goes an OBAMA poster>So howed that CHANGE goin for ya?
    You idiot neoliberal commies, and neocon fascists are to blame for everything you are complaining about in this doc

  10. What a hack job – apparently, you lemmings need to be reminded that it was you who attempted to BOMB the 2008 RNC event…how convenient to simply dismiss such a trivial matter. Then again, I wouldn’t expect anything less

  11. This same scenario plays out. Who the fuck was planning to “bomb” the RNC? I hear a lot of news, and never heard that one Mr. Tyler Misinformation Master. In fact, you called the people lemmings, which pretty much exposes you as a globalist puppet. Well, you enjoy your day in the sun. They will be after you next.

  12. Anastasia, a man named Matthew DePalma conspired to plant a bomb in the 2008 RNC convention center, but the FBI caught him before he could pull it off. Additionally, the Anarchist groups and others planned all kinds of attacks which were mostly thwarted (i.e. an undercover informant helped thwart a plan by an Anarchist group to attack the police at the convention with Molotovs; The informant in question has since received several death threats from the Anarchists’ friends for doing so).

  13. AS i am not American but in Canada we dealt withthis in Toronto and there was police brutality beyond a scale that eye have ever witnessed but the masked gangs who wear bkack and hide there faces as well as throw rocks and cause destruction on a lets say very intimidating scale.What pisses me off is that these protesters know full well that they are planning to intimidate and perhaps start something that gets out of control in a hurry.As well as George bush/Cheney war mongers this video will be little to prevent the turmoil that has started in the East so I say as a human what the fuck is wrong when a democracy that is suppose to set an example is showing the rest of the world that violence will be met with violence and there is nothing that will stop this period.And so my friends the world will fall soon and we are all to blame in the name of peace

  14. good film. this fucking scares me. i line in england and am shocked by the behaviore of your government. peacefull protest doesnt seem to work, the police behave like they are in a video game. i can only see this ending in armed retaliation. peace all.

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