iraq for sale - war profiteersThe war in Iraq is something that many people have allready forgotten after the burst of the immo-bubble, Afghanistan, the new President Obama, etc. – But the war in Iraq is still real and there are still troops and civilian “contractors” in Iraq to fight what’s called “Terrorism“, secure the oil-fields and “reconstruct” the country. But who are the real war profiteers. Is it the people of Iraq? Is it the US-Citizen who can feel save now? Maybe. But there is one group of people that profits in any case from this war – the private contractors that do everything in Iraq from private Armys to helicopter mechanics. According to this Brave new Films documentary by Robert Greenwald this Iraq-War ist the mos privatized war ever in history!

Take the chance to look at this fantastic war-documentary and see what’s behind the courtain of controlled media in the USA!

Iraq For Sale – The War Profiteers


  1. American troops are dying in their hundreds to make a very few rich and powerful people ,disgustingly rich.The US government is is every bit as corrupt as places like Iraq was,Nigeria,Zimbabwe and many more…..When do a crap job,and your caught stealing from the company who employs you…. shouldnt get rewarded for it ,in a normal company you go to jail.
    The people who prosper in the US are crooks,and decent citizens in the US , pay the price.Is it any wonder you see people burning American flags on TV?

  2. Greed and Power, are the only motive needed for those, whom without morals, or ethics, willing to send your sons to die. these sociopath deviants, have never known want or need. and for greed, and power, commit War Crimes, and Crimes against humanity. to go not arrested, to face trial, or prison cells, live in luxury. and to squander the lives and promise of the American boys and girls, without regard to the ruin they cause. to laugh at the waste, they enact. the corruption they spread world wide. with puppets propped up. to pretend leadership of nations, created, to justify war. and its the Women and children, and elderly civilians, whom suffer the most. aircraft loads of cash have been flown out to banks outside America. to feed their greed. and they do so, using the patriotism of the common American. and the impoverishment of the nation, to force men to allegedly volunteer to serve. or the hope they could get a better education, to build themselves a future, only to end up with P.T.S.D., to never be able to attend college, more less live a normal life, again. this is the true American tragic end. when will we never again allow this to happen. to end War, Torture, Secret prisons, and Renditions ? to really make our politicians be accountable to the people, instead of bought by the war profiteers, to perpetuate the greed, and Lies ?

  3. Same class of people funded Germany in WW1 and supplied them with critical fuel additives in WW2 without which the German Air force could not fly. Same people funded the Bolsheviks against the Russian royalty. Some of those related to those involved have been Presidents, the father and grandfather of 2 recent presidents with the same last name for example. Look up Prescott Bush and war crimes and see what comes up, but he worked for the guys with real power. Norman Dodd was instructed by Congress to investigate tax exempt foundations. His findings are very interesting as he was allowed to look at the Carnegie Foundations minutes from 1905. They had a plan for the world. Our government has largely sold us out, and has no interest in doing anything other than giving them our money and turning a blind eye.

  4. any kind of war is a cause of people to revange in any ways its Human nature
    what happend is
    US went to iraq said hey we gona give you freedom and they killed women and children and familys destroyed a lot of peoples carears and jops and then they went back to the US waiting for one more country to scrwe them personally i dont hate the amercan people,but when the Prasedent says Hey lets attack this country they have booms [which they have and other countrys do but he chooses one that is easy mode] and he fucks it up and after the war he tells his people [Oh sorry it was a mistake] its like i kill some one and say Oh sorry bro .

  5. Saddening to learn about the shameless way CEOs enrich themselves at the expense of people on the ground. The story is confirmed in movies such as “The War Tapes”, among others.

    However, to be honest, I wonder what Blackwater mercenaries are liable to do if they WERE properly armed. What code of ethics do they listen to? What rules do they abide by? What are their chains of command? What is their mission?
    I do not feel safe knowing there is such a large organised group ANYWHERE in the world that is entrusted with the amount of (fire)power they already have.
    Armies should NEVER EVER be privatised and deciding about military missions should always remain the prerogative of democratically elected governments.

  6. In 1888 Madame H.P. Blavatsky wrote in her monumental work, The Secret Doctrine, “Europe is on the verge of total catastrophe.” And she was absolutely right for the gross selfish, greedy and materialistic reasons she cites. For those same reasons and more nefarious ones, the USA is also on the verge of dire catastrophe. First, the American people need to demand of their Congress and Senate that the Federal Reserve Bank be “nationalized” as a public entity, not a private one. It is NOT a central bank; it serves only the greed and devious financial/economic deeds of members of the Bilderbergers and the Bohemian Grove zillionaires. Any group with the Demon Moloch (symbol the owl) as their “god” is certainly setting out to devour the “children” of the USA (young military men and women) and those of other countries without any morality, regret or remorese, as long as power and growing assets are attained. However, there are places in Hell waiting for these people. They may mock that “possibility” now, but they will certainly remember this message once they are there suffering a hundres times over the pain and torture they have caused — and they will have no way out! Come on American people, take back your lovely country from those demons, the true satans in business suits and their military/political lackys!

  7. Now, on top of all this fraud and stealing in the name of big business as seen in the documentary, the senior miltary officers (probably under orders from the white house) blew up the financial records and murdered over 30 of their own staff to cover up the US$2.3 TRILLION that they could not account for, as stated by the then secretary of defence. NO body parts, no aviation debris, no holes in the walls fitting the entry of the wings of a huge plane, no expected debris field that would substantiate such a crash! Devilish, nefarious, evil, avaricious people. The question is: “How did the military REALLY dispose of that plane, its crew and the passengers?” Any answers out there? I’d like to hear some input.

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