global warming

Global Warming is considered to be a serious environmental problem that predicts the incidence of mass migration, human extinction and other catastrophic events in the near future. This documentary aims to shed light on what global warming really is and how it can change the world we know today.

Majority of scientists believe that global warming is indeed real because of various physical evidences. Featured first were the ice fields of Patagonia, which is the largest expansive ice outside of Antartica. Glaciologists studying this area for decades narrate how most of the ice has melted since their last visit. In the last seven years, they have noted a 10% decrease in the mass of these ice formations. The same thing was also observed in Montana, United States and Alaska. Glaciers which have resided these areas for thousands of years have rapidly melted. Records show that of the 21 hottest years recorded in the history, 20 of them have occurred after 1980.

Climate has changed throughout the history for natural reasons. What experts fear is that a climate change in our lifetime will possibly be hundred times worst. Know more about the scientific evidences of global warming in the documentary.

Global Warming: What You Need to Know (w/ Tom Brokaw)

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