when dinosaurs roamed america

Dinosaurs were the most extraordinary creatures to have ever existed on earth. We just mostly see them now on books and movies but they used to be the dominant specie of the world. This documentary from the Discovery Channel brings you back to the time when dinosaurs lived on this planet. The video introduces you to the first set of dinosaur species recorded and their characteristics.

Two hundred million years ago, the earth only had one continent named Pangea. Soon after the continents separate, an asteroid caused the extinction of all living things. This claim is based on several studies of the rock formation that formed through the ages. The Permean extinction paved the way for the domination of reptiles and their (reptile) evolution. Dinosaurs are classified according to their diet. Some eat plants while other dinosaurs prefer meat. A few dinosaurs inhibit characteristics of mammals and birds while the most retain their reptile-like qualities.

Get to know each dinosaur and their characteristics by watching the documentary below.


When Dinosaurs Roamed America

Discovery Channel

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Alternative: BBC Documentary