wikileaksWikileaks has risen to fame when it leaked the highly private series of conversations between the US government and its diplomats stationed all over the world. It’s not yet clear how the security was breached but everybody is more interested to know the secret thoughts of those people in power in Washington. The series of leaks revealed the hidden intention and action of those people with power to protect their own interests.

The documentary bravely narrates how they believe the website Wikileaks has come to be. It also narrated in detail the night when the government learned of the leakage and how they acted on the crisis. The leakage was apparently forwarded to leading newspapers but they were warned of grave consequences should they published the leaked documents. The US government was worried and they have reason to be. The classified conversation between the diplomats and those in office can equate to a big media spectacle.

It also tackles the website’s founder and how he made it his personal vendetta to expose the US government’s actions to interfere with criminal investigations and economic policies of countries around the world. The succeeding portions discussed some important conversations and how they affected the image of the US government.

Wikileaks: The Secret Life of a Superpower



  1. Interesting how I have seen some of the leaks in other documentaries, and they did not mention that some guy smoked a lot and took too much viagra. This documentary seems to be damage control for the American government. It does not express the real damning information. Makes me question well funded “documenaries” even more.

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