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Sicko – A Michael Moore Documentary

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Sicko is a documentary film by Michael Moore. The film investigates the American health care system in 2007, focusing on its health insurance and pharmaceutical industry. The film compares the for-profit, non-universal U.S. system with the non-profit universal health care systems of Canada, the United Kingdom, France and Cuba.

According to the movie Sicko, almost fifty million Americans are uninsured and those who are covered with insurance are often victims of insurance company fraud and red tape. Interviews are conducted with people who thought they had adequate coverage but were denied care, as well as former employees of insurance companies who describe cost-cutting initiatives that encourage bonuses for insurance company physicians to deny medical treatments for policy holders.

In this documentary, the director / writer Michael Moore exposes the dysfunctional North American health care system, oriented to huge profits and not for their mission of saving lives. Further, Moore shows the corruption in the political system, with members of government and congress “bought” by the corporations and the situation of the average American citizens.

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  1. How can anyone rate this crap a 5 out of 5. I’m saying this as a liberal also. Do you really think Cuba has great health care? Maybe for dignitaries, but regular people in America get the same health care if not better.
    Then there’s Canada and the “free” health care they have. It sounds good in theory, but have you checked out their insane taxes. I don’t think paying a 30-40% sales tax on everything you buy is worth having this “incredible” health care. If you really think this crapumentary is based on fact, you’re stupid. I have propaganda to spread, but mine is based on fact.

  2. mike

    justin ……….. shut the fuck up……………donot you stupid asshole ever dare to say canada …..coz you will pollute it….. you americans wish that you have system that you justin have seeen in this movieee…..

  3. Lauree Smith

    You should check out the documentary End of America. It’s based on the bestselling book by Naomi Wolf and she makes the case of how American democracy is being threatened and looks back at policy changes in the last 8 years. Was shown at film festivals and did quite well.

  4. Justin, I don’t think that Cuba was really the point: it was the final-straw, to underscore the point. It should be enough that the allegation can be raised and even be partly true. What happened to government for the people by the people? If this were any other nation it would be called corruption. Much as I like America from an outsider’s point of view films like this illustrate why some nations dismiss American leadership. How America can be duplicitous to her own citizens? This should be something that American people should fight for. You should note that the tax rate in the UK which has free heathcare is roughly the same for the average income. So the argument that it would lead to higher taxation isn’t always true. The question is: do Americans care about Americans enough?

  5. canadian

    people,in canada we care ,we care if people have no money to eat or live ,we care for people who do not have the money to got to a hospital that is why we pay high taxes , but we got the hole thing ….. maybe americans got to start doing the same if they care about their future…

  6. Laila

    Justin, you’re not a liberal.

  7. b0b11

    The example he uses for Canada, is actually a fairly small town. It being compared to any major city in America is not at all a fair comparison. Canada is leaning more and more towards a 2-tier system for health care as it is. For a better comparison. If you look at hospitals in and around Toronto, you have to wait hours for care, just as you would in any major American city.

  8. canadian

    bob11, yes i agree , that people have to wait for hours , this is a major problem in canada , everybody is short on staff , even hospitals, but at least it is universal…..everything is for free…what ever it coasts..not a $….

  9. b0b11

    Well, in Ontario for example. Health care is free. You can go to a doctor, and they will diagnose the problem. However the next thing they will ask you, is if you have health care. Because if you don’t they will provide you with the cheapest medication that they can, and you will forced to pay for it at any pharmacy. So no, everything is not for free.

  10. Diego

    Justin what an ignorant you are first the healt service in Cuba for everybody but you don’t know of course you never have been there and you never will, second of course you can get the same or better healt service in America IF only IF you have money of course but not for free and third I don’t think your contry would even have a healt service if you would have an economic blocade America wouldn’t survive an economic blacade but Cuba did and always will, the healt sistem is not the issue, is the political sistem that you don’t get it rigth.

  11. Julius

    Just a quick side note that has nothing to to with the film…
    Justin, do your research before you make untrue statements. Here in Canada we have about an 8% sales tax on all our purchases.

  12. Link

    Canada,Britin, and France have Way,Way better healthcare than Stupid and retarded America

  13. sergi

    hi everybody,
    this is Sergi from Spain, i´ve just seen the film and i´m very surprised, i didn´t know that US health service was so bad.
    I can tell you about how does health work here in Spain.
    It´s more or less the same as in France, the most of the hospitals are public(you can have also a health insurance and go to a private one but it´s not necessary) and you haven´t to pay for anything, if you are ill you go to the hospital and they give you a treatment, no matter how much it costs, it´s payed by the government.
    It´s true that this kind of health service isn´t perfect, sometimes you have to wait for care(depending on the emergency of your problem) and it has to be paid whith everybody´s taxes, but i think that being sure that if you have got any health problem you can go to the hospital and they will treat you properly makes people live better because there´s a problem less in their minds. A lot of people at the USA can´t say that.
    I really like the USA and is a place where i would like to work when i finish my engineering studies because of the huge business oportunities this country gives, but they have a lot to learn from other countries about health care and social responsability.

    thats it, i´m sorry if my english is not very well sometimes.
    I hope Michael Moore´s films make something change in the USA and help this country to be better.

  14. Ana

    hey guys
    i wanna say that what happends in US is so sad.So much about the land of oportunitys and all that.US used to be a great country, and i think it is, so christian, that when they see a breast of Janet Jackson, go outraged, but no problem that a kid of 15 can use a gun, or about Playboy, Hustler, etc..
    The thruth is that they have the best laws,wich here in Europe we dont.But what is one of the most important right of a human beeing: the right to health care, and USA that beats herself in the chest, that is the promised land and all that, here we see that is far from that.
    I think USA used to be a great country, but no anymore.I would not go there to live, but on vacacion.It’s such a shame to see that Cuba has better health system than US.I love Michael Moore, and what we see in here is the thruth.Nothing but the thruth.

  15. Mona

    The state of health care in America is sad. I hope one day we can provide universal health care. People may worry about higher taxes but I’ve seen my own hospital and doctors bills (and at that time I had insurance) and I thought to myself “Man, this is probably worth higher taxes. I just met a deductible of 1200 and that’s not even my maximum. Plus i just spent well into 1500 to fix my teeth.” Then when I got laid off and saw my cobra payment at about 300$ a month I damn near fainted. I think a two tier system would be a good idea because it’ll keep a competitive edge but in my mind people being able to get preventative care is worth it. An ounce of caution is worth a pound of cute.

    To defend some of the health care. You do not need to be approved for an emergency ambulance ride. Sometimes the ambulance company (E.I. Rural metro/Southwest Amb)does not properly code or indicate and emergency ride on their 1500s. Hence, the insurance will deny thinking it’s not an emergency. I’m talking from experience.

  16. littlelamb

    well,im european,and im not happy with all the world,no exceptions really.its all going down the pan and the 99% seem unable or transfixed into the sole purpose of doing nothing about their lives.they leave all their decision making down to people who hate them.dont quote me on this but surely this is insane.the one question is how do you deprogramme the military,police and scientists who perpertrate these crimes against all of us in the 1% name.doesnt actually seem that hard a task really.but through our glorious histories,both true and made up alike, its been the poor killing the poor,the stupid killing the just,the animals killing the slaves,the asleep killing the awakening crowd. im just amazed at how stupid these in control are.think of the power of doing some good and the respect that would go with much more powerfull would these men be if everyone loved them instead of fearing them.they would be 10 times more powerfull than they are with their jesuit love and unruley gestures of misery and destruction.has one who has experience love felt any other feeling that has as much force,as love.i havent. and i experience hate and rage,like alot of people i think, on a regular basis. once i found real love,not just your nob going hard love, my hate and rage were manageable,remarkable i hear you say,so i was a father now,so im a hero,which is a tough undertaking.its a full time responsibility but one i love.because it makes me love more and therefor makes me a better guy.i grew up beside a war zone and its so easy to see what the best way to live is.look at the person not their behaviour.we are all damaged goods in a way.out.

  17. rouaultba

    Justin, you are an absolute moron. Get over yourself and the theocracy you live in. If you’re going to make yourself believe that you know the “facts”, at least get them straight. I live in Alberta, where the sales tax is 0% in the province and a scant 5% nationally. A small price to pay to be able to get a life saving operation when needed. In alberta we’re on the fringes of “healthcare reform” in which our “light” American government could implement privatization. That scares the shit out of me, as we may well one day end up like your fucked up country.

  18. AAA

    To the first comment… Canada has 15% sales tax only on certain things but not on necessities like food.

  19. Tony De Feo

    I’m a 78 year old American citizen who moved to Adelaide,Australia 4-1/2 years ago. I had terrific medical insurance furnished by my employer, however the company was going to change the medical plan to God knows what, but if I and many others retired before the year was up we could keep our heath insurance program. I retired at age 59, 3 years earlier than I wanted to. Now that I’m living in OZ and receiving my health care through the government program, I’m here to praise the system and say that the Sicko documentary is right on. People in the U.S. are afraid of 2 things–fear of the unknown and taxes. Fox News and the Republican politicos are flooding the airways with pure bullshit to protect the medical industry’s contributions to their political war chests.

  20. Mona

    So much for a first-world country!!
    it is outrageous how blind the american people are!!
    Im from Panama, and we have combined medical system. The government has public hospitals and medical centers that gives medical care to all the citizens regardless of the economic status. Of course, the people that can afford private health insurance and private medical care will go to the private institutions. But the government still offers to everyone the insurance, all the employees of any company HAVE to HAVE the insurance provided by the government. Of course as any other country, the corruption has damaged the system…but still it offers a much better health care system for those who have no money …than in the US.
    I think the american people should open their eyes…and see their country from another perspective…how come the entire world see what they dont!
    i have international health insurance…i have gone to medical institutions in Miami…and it is easier for me to go to the hospital in the US than to any other american citizen! Your health care system is awful! …

  21. Erica

    I would just like to say stop beating the hell out of Justin. He was stating an opinion. You all have them too… Second thing. American health care sucks. You’re damn right it does. But that doesn’t mean Michael Moore hasn’t exaggerated. He IS a liberal. Incredibly liberal at that… Another thing. America has fallen behind in everything because we want more money. Ironically enough, the greed of the government and government agencies has put us even further in debt. Could you imagine if China felt like attacking? That’s scary shit right there. Here’s the thing. Right now, most of the healthcare companies in the United States are privately owned businesses. Do we really want a government run healthcare system? For God’s sake, we can’t even trust our politicians to allow proper elections. They’re buying their way in these days. These are the people you want at the head of our healthcare. “Free” healthcare doesn’t exactly sound free when my senators are raising their pay and laying off the teachers who damn well deserve twice what those slimy bastards make. I fully understand that the system is corupt, but I also understand that there are other systems yet to be explored. Have you looked at our government? It’s confusing as hell. If we tried to impose our Constitution on another country, it would implode in the first year. But it works for us… usually. Why can’t we do the same for healthcare. Limitations, restrictions, requirements that actually help this sinking ship. I think our Congressmen can handle that much. And if they can’t, there are special conventions and guidelines in the Constitution that allow the people of this country to impose their will upon those shitbirds. WE elect them. WE give them their power. Is it not just as easy to take it from them?

  22. Erica

    And one last little bit. Please stop calling my country shit and referring to it as “fucked up”. Trust me. I’m aware of the intense corruption that is ever-present, but I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. I can walk down the street in my town and not worry about a bombing in the next city. I don’t freeze my ass off and our only dessert, barely counts. I can worship whoever I want, I can say whatever I want, I don’t wear I scarf over my face, and if I feel like telling my senator he sucks cock, I can. Canada doesn’t have a real government. Ours is fucked but yours is nonexistent. Cuba is scary as hell in the slums… I’ve been there. Great Britain and France both smell kinda funny. Been there too. If you have shit to say, so do I. Don’t fuck with our country. You’ll end up like everyone else who does. Blown to pieces and busted as fuck. It’s how we do. It’s why I like it here.

  23. Nast


    You need to promise the world you will never breed. I will pay higher taxes. That is fine with me. When you have to pay a mill in surgery bills for your heart instead of a few grand in higher taxes over a lifetime you will see the difference. Its close minded people like you who stop the worlds advance. Of course everything looks good on paper or in theory. They have to implement it, watch it fail, revise it and watch it take off. Medicare was HORRIBLE when it came out. Now its not so bad. Still not as good as it could be, but its damn good idea. People are scared about not having as good of health care or doctors if its free health care. I watched Obama speak the other day about his plan and it wasn’t bad. I mean i don’t support him but i like the idea of the health care. He said we will have free health care. You can keep your own health care if you have it now. That is fine, but if u cant afford it then use the free shit. Hell, your health care will go down because the Companies will have to drop their rates to keep people around or they will just go to the free shit. So basically its a win win situation. Now don’t forget and scroll up if you have to but i said it will fail miserably. But you have to stand up fall down, try again, gain balance and walk eventually. It will fall flat on its face and everyone will laugh and say i told you so. Till they revise, and reinstate it and it rocks your stupid ass back into the hole you have been hiding in your whole life. At least open your mind and think of the pro’s and cons before you open your mouth. So insert your foot and hush.

    Matthew C
    Aka Nast

  24. Nast

    I think you also need to get rid of that thugish mentality you have about the country we live in. We havent won ever war. do some research and figure these things out. we bomb shit because we are scared and think we have big balls. We do what we want sure. but we have high suicide rates and high murder rates. Yeah sounds like somewhere i want to live for sure….

    You are a stupid as the next.

    Matthew C
    Aka Nast

  25. Me

    Erica, though you do talk some sense, i just had to say…

    ‘Don’t fuck with our country. You’ll end up like everyone else who does. Blown to pieces and busted as fuck. It’s how we do. It’s why I like it here.’

    thats exactly the sort of attitude that i’ve always hated. and we don’t smell funny; every place smells different. if you’re not found of the scent stay at home.

    health care is a right, not a privilege.

    i’ve still not forgiven america for what they said about the NHS recently.

  26. knixphan

    Health care is a right, not a privilege.

    Needs to be repeated day and night.

  27. Me

    Erica and Justin,
    I’m an American, and if I saw you on the street and knew you from your comments on this blog, I’d kick the shit out of you and leave you in the middle of the street for your badass private health insurer to find and transport to the hospital, you pathetic, heartless and immature pieces of shit. In Erica’s words, it’s how I do.

    Fuck you, and I hope you get a chance real soon to test out the medical insurance neither of you probably have or can afford anyway. In the meantime, shove it up your anonymous, whiny little asses and let the rest of us clean up after the total fuck-up BushCo and the Repugnicans have left on their way to oblivion.

  28. I grew up in northern Ohio, with Michigan just across that cornfield there.Michael Moore makes me homesick for the region. What a good, strong,intelligent, loving guy. My friend visited Cuba 10-15 years ago and while there developed an eye probleem that had to be treated. Not a poor man, he kept telling them that he would be glad to pay. He loved Cuba and didn’t want to drain their resources even a bit.But they would not hear of it, saying “No no!! You are our guest! Plese don’t shame us by offering money for the care you need while you are here. We are glad that we can offer this care, which IS YOUR RIGHT.” Imagine living in a country with some self-respect and pride that is not based on swaggering, bullying, murdering, and insisting that we’re right about everything so shut up or we’ll kill you. Imagine a govt that is humane and encouraging to its citizens. Imagine health care!

  29. Erik

    “Every country has the goverment they deserve”

  30. Erica and Justin


  31. Why are you american so bent out of shape by “Sicko” Michael Moore goes to other countries to inspect their healthcare !
    I live in a country that have close to universal healthcare for all. It is like police and firebrigade – something basic we need to function.
    Every society need at least one Michael Moore, he is suspect because he wants US to be better ?

  32. justin

    Hi im not really justin and i didn’t really watch the film. i just wanted to say it doesn’t look like justin is still commenting so why are people still like asldkf;aksdglkas;ldkgj im a crazy person with nothing to do aslkdfja;dskf. i feel like 1 post could have handeled me well not really me but you know justin. because im not him. The funny thing is i could be him and now just appear pycotic. making fun of bloggers is fun. now like i would really appear to be justin now because he would say something like that you know. i don’t. well bye

  33. justin

    Hi I think im justin again(if there was an extra space it could be “I think im just in again” and then i would be in the internet) but i finished reading all these comments and just wanted to say i enjoyed how alot of people from other countries where like haha you suck.

  34. nameless

    Hey.. This video won’t start up for some reason.. Was it taken off or needs a special codec to watch or what? What’s the deal?

  35. samantha c



  36. samantha c


  37. Jason D

    Why is it so difficult to have america have public healthcare?..this will stop the refusals for peoples care, it will stop people dieing so the top line can be pushed ever onwards for shareholders benefits, no bonuses to the bosses because the bosses are us, maybe its a communistic ideal but maybe some things shouldnt be opperated by a capitalist system/with profit, do you really want to work your whole life then get old and frail and lose everything back to the HMO’s because you had a pre-existing condition of being old?..maybe the hundreds of thousands of people who get cancer deserve to be bankrupted because some hmo’s profits just arnt big enough that quarter….does anyone recall when the government allowed the top 5% to be knocked off the Health Insurance companies books as their profits were at risk due to the high cost of keeping people alive at the time of AIDS and not that future costs would fall as drugs were found to make their care cheaper.

    It must be hell for the politicians to have to vote to cut their own re-election contributions by letting this healthcare option come to fruition but at least they can fall back on their VIP insurance policies they were given for life as part of the bribe/consultation fee/lobby payments by the top 10 worst insurance companies/top earning insurance companies.

    So some politicians say they love their momma and use other peoples small kids to say they will suffer and die because this could become law is nothing short of lying to the people to keep that gravy train going, they try to sound normal while taking millions per year from anyone wanting them to vote in their favor to be allowed to legally steal from you or legally be able to retain money that should normally be given to you in the form of taxes, I’ll agree to keep things the way they were if we can only opt out of the bribed politicians instead..sounds like a deal

  38. athena

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and eveyone needs to chill!

  39. steve

    Us citizens are slaves. Mental slaves Slaves to the Myth America our corporate media landscape. One myth repeated over and over is the tax myth. I am a small business I hear the framing in the media constantly Taxes taxes taxes that is holding back business. Bull shit! What holds back businesses is the scale of economy. I pay 500% more for one of many of my consumables then the big company a block away my friend works for. The big companies stroke each other and they are wastfull and the rest of us pay for it. The another part of the reality that Americans don’t get. A Fee that is a tax too Taxes go for the infrastructures water electricity busses etc. Then you pay a fee to use the same thing you already paid for. The deflating of the dollar as in inflation also is a tax.
    But you will hear these little people who have very little critical thinking capability. and all they can do is repeat what they hear from those corporate rebels those angry repressed bull shit factories. Someone Like Micheal Moore Makes a movie with 500 solid points maybe he makes a mistake or two. The Bull shit factory jumps all over him and try to frame those mistakes as though the other 498 points don’t exist. Bull shit! I have a friend who drives the bus for the pastors for peace Cuba blockade breaking. He has been to Cuba 18 times I am quite supprised by what he tells us about the polotics of Cuba. He is not Micheal More or the corporate media I have a first hand account. I would like to go and see for myself.
    So about my country. That is a arbitrary line drawn in the sand by a bunch of rich @$#%s. Then they tell us those on this side are more valuable than those on that side of the line. Bull Shit! I don’t know Erica or Justin anymore then the est of you but the fact they have their point of view has me feel they are the enemy I don’t buy the my country shit. Corporations are the government. Government is the corporation. They expect everything from us (patriotism,loyalty,fight, work, hard and die for their bottom line) but they really don’t feel they owe us much in return. They screw us out of a living wage,health care or ship our jobs to china. I think Health Care would be sort of like a dividend payment in return of your life of long hard work.
    I Know I don’t need to chill.
    I want real justice and accountability. If we had Our own Fidel Castro and Che I think if I was a little younger I would be ready to fight for freedom and democracy we could use a little. But Americans they just go back to the movies or video games. Go to Avitar for a little FEELING of justice happening another white guy to come save the natives. Our friend told us about his 83 year old father who would repeat stuff he heard driving in his car listening to Rush Limbaugh and finallly my friend asked his father why do you listen to this guy?Turns out he didnt know how to program his radio. My friend changed the station and after a week or so his fathers political point of view changed 180%
    That is what I believe is the truth about most Americans they have trouble having an opinion of their own that is not framed for them by the media

  40. canadian

    loooool , guys i am the guy after justin , the ral justin on top. isn’t it stupid that , most of the american criticised their system for so long , and they elected bush for the second time , weird ya !!!!????
    -they went to veitnam , lost the war and they claim that they won …..loool
    -they went to iraq , killed millions just for the frickin oil ,and they thinkthat by killing sadam they won the war ….and now they describe it the biggets mud field they ever been in. afganistan they could not find bin laden ,sure lool, killed thousandas and now obama is willing to negotiate with the taliban saying that ,violence never sloved a thing.

    well my AMERICAN FRIENDS , your administration will always find you some fear some demon that will come for you from out side the states which by selling their guns and drugs , will protect you from , take that fear from ur hearts and try to talk to other countries it will help a lot than bombing them,all respect to the american people , but you should put some of ur presidents on trail….coz some of them , the bushes , are the greatest killers on the face of the earth….disolve haliburton coz for them to find oil some where else , it means that another war will start some where ….
    open ur eyes all the enemies u have is from action ur governments have done in the past ….america is so far the strongest country in the world , so being strong does not mean u r the worst , being a good nation is strong too…try to be a good nation for ur selves and the world .

    long live canada….

  41. Lisa

    It’s so cute to see people who think that Americans elect our president. Read up on the election process, especially the Electoral College. Our votes were bought and paid for years ago.

  42. thanks thanks thanks thanks!

  43. Helene

    Where Michael talks to his Canadian relatives: I would say this, “Would you go to africa and say to a raped starved girl with all her parents dead to pay for her cancer treatment which would cost $100 000″ ?

  44. Helene

    Michael Moore, wow.
    A documentary has never made me feel this sad/happy before!
    I love your style and even if this might be some biased and that there are downsides everywhere, what we saw here HAPPENS. Then it doesnt matter if other things happen as well or if there ARE good things in the US. of course there is. But this happens as well. You are a wonderful person and you see to stick very well with your principles. I wish we had more like you. You move me

  45. Preston

    Your documentary is excellent and I agree universal health care would work in the USA except for 2 major things.
    Insurance is BIG $$$ profit business especially for politicians and we need to control that and second if we didn’t have millions of illegals not paying anything at all for their free benefits and bleeding the system dry it could work very well.
    Too bad the USA gives everything to everyone except the hard working tax paying,legal citizen!

  46. Canuck

    Looks like you kids are having fun from your hiding places. I’m an old fart who has paid taxes for several decades here in Canada. At least most of the taxes I’ve paid have gone to my elected governments. I see you’ve finally taken the first step to correct the health insurance problems US citizens have.
    What confuses me is why you listen to the ‘fear mongers’ frightening you about delays in recieving health care. By paying attention to them you don’t realize the financial advantages you could have with single payer Universal Health coverage. For the most part I think it’s a safe bet you would rather pay wholesale rates if you could instead of retail. You know – discounts. Thats what single payer really means. The more people paying in lowers the cost for everyone equally. As it is now you not only pay the full retail price, but you also pay an extra premium if your plan has a co-pay clause for example. Michael Moore was right when he said you pay twice what we do for the same coverage. (The figures are from both of our governments’ agencies.) Ours is not perfect, but definately superior just as ‘Sicko’ pointed out. I have a two month wait for cataract surgery, but went to the hospital four years ago and had a double bypass before they would let me go home. A two week stay in the hospital with no out-of-pocket expenses for anything. (Other than the parking lot fee for my car).

  47. NiceEuropeanGuy

    I only recently watched the film “SiCKO” and was flabberghasted….!!!

    Living in THE NETHERLANDS (Europe) WE ALL PAY ONE MONTHLY FIXED AMOUNT EACH (approx. 150 of your US dollars) for COMPLETE health insurance. (This is mandatory for everyone, but poor people get assistance from the government for this). This gives everyone the right to the best unlimited (and excellent!) healthcare without any limitations for previous illnesses.
    EVERYBODY JUST GETS THE BEST! We can choose any doctor and any hospital we like and the insurance has to pay for everything. ========

    Many of you will think we are “lefties”. On the contrary! We have several political parties here that can be considered equivalents of your republican party. HOWEVER, left or right: We are all of the opinion that our sick and old people should be treated properly! =====

    Many of you are screaming that our taxes are crazy high. But they are NOT…! Moreover, what we get back for it is very good: the poor, sick and old are helped very well and our infrastructure is tops, Our income tax is between c. 30% for normal income and c. 50% for very very high income. And the sales tax is either 6% (for necessities like food, clothes, etc.) and 19% for the rest

    If in the U.S.A. every taxpayer (200 million?) would pay (for example) a mere 20 dollars (the price of a meal) extra per month then that would bring a yearly 50 BILLION extra tax which could then be used to help your sick and old people. =======
    But, I presume, in your country these thoughts will be seen as dangerous and communist?

    I feel that fortunately, your great Mr.Obama has, at last, made a start to make things better.
    But there is still a long way to go! ========

    I rest my case and wish the good American people, and especially Mr.Obama and last but not least Mr.Michael Moore, all the best.
    Raymond (in THE NETHERLANDS)

  48. Fidel Castro would always be an icon of history evethough he is against the U.S.;*”

  49. look


  50. Fidel Castro still have some good legacies despite his not so good repuation.,:’

  51. Fidel Castro still have some good legacies despite his not so good repuation..”*

  52. roma

    I have never been to america but I have heard many things and this documentary just backs them up. The scary thing is that even hell on earth (guantanamo bay) has more concern for the criminlas than your countries leaders have for there own citizens that voted for them! And the lady in the film carol, who is thrown in a cab and dumped on the streets made me cry..I just want to say thank you mr.moore for making me even more grateful to live in canada

  53. I’d rather pay a bit more tax and have peace of mind for myself and also for the poor sods who cannot afford insane insurance premiums and who have to die with the Salvation Army because they were not insured, only because the “liberal” directors, shareholders and politicians wanna fill their fat pockets. ——————
    Here in the Netherlands we indeed pay some more income tax than in the US. And our sales tax is 19%. But everyone only has to pay some 130 US dollars each per month for COMPLETE(!!!) health care. This is obligatory for everyone but the government pays it for you if you have too low an income. —————
    With this EVERYONE is assured of the VERY BEST healthcare which is the SAME for all, and everyone has FREE CHOICE of the very best doctors, specialists, dentists and hospitals.
    For this peace of mind I happily pay a little more tax! Your brave Mr.Obama is trying hard and had a small success so now everyone seems to be insured as I read in th epapers; but he still has a long way to go.
    I wish the good american people the best of luck ! AND GOOD HEALTH!

  54. Fidel Castro may not be a hero for western countries but he did a good job in providing subsidized medical care in Cuba,::

  55. Dirkje

    Hey NiceEuropeanGuy,
    You paint a nice picture about the healthcare here in Holland, but you should straighten your facts out before stating things on the I-net. Healthcare in Holland isnot that bad, but the governement has deminished the money healthcare get every year for the last years. The privatisation of it, the power the insurance companies got, this all made it a lot worse. Unlimited care? Not true. We all have base insurance wich doesnot cover everything. Going to the dentist? Not every treatment is insured. Need fysiotherapy? After 8 treatments you have to pay for it yourself. The best unlimited (and excellent!) healthcare without any limitations for previous illnesses? Not true, since the privatisation of healthcare insurance companies are more powerful than ever. They can refuse you, they can subject you to medical tests and raise your monthly payings when you belong to a risk group, and they will. Governement taking care of people that cannot pay? No, first you have to deal with bailiffs that raise your bill with 60%. Then, when you realy are in no position to pay, the gov’t gives you a fine, upon your monthly bill comes about 50 dollar as punnishment. Not that you pay your debt with this, no, it is just a fine and your debt stays. They seize a part of your income, wether it is from benefit or not and make sure they get their money. The price of healthcare goes up every year, while the care in nursinghomes and hospitals is getting worse and more expensive. Some nursinghomes put their elderly ppl in bed at 18.00 hours every day, just because they have not enough workers, for the payment is realy bad. And also in hospitals ppl are sent home realy early in the proces. I know, for I was a healthcare worker for 15 year.
    And chosing wich doctor, dentist or hospital you want to go to??? No, only if they have a contract with your insurance company, if not, you have to ask permission up front.

    Same answer I want to give to Dutchy. How can you say the governement pays your bill if you cannot do so yourself? This is such utter nonsense and untrue. I am realy surprised you can say such a thing. The same healthcare for everybody???? No, upon your base insurance, you can have an extra insurance, that pays for extending treatments by the dentist for instance, or childcare. People with a large income can easily pay the ammount of 75 dollar extra each month. Ppl that live from benefit, cannot afford this, even if they wanted too, so there it is , the difference in care for “haves” and “have not’s” Not everyone is insured in Holland. I just saw on the news a couple of days ago, that research from the Bureau for Statistics, wich is a governemental office, has shown that still 241.000 ppl in Holland have no insurance. So yes, we have an insurance system that works for most of our inhabitants, still there are almost a quarter of a million people not insured.

    Ofcourse we still have a good system, better than in America and lots of other countries, we don’t shove ppl out of the hospital when they cannot afford to pay the bil, but stating “halleluja” about our system is a little pathetic and gives the wrong idea. There is a lot that could be improved.

  56. actually, Fidel Castro is not at all a bad man. Cuba has one of the best government medical care in the world –“

  57. Anastacia

    sicko is factual and offers people a chance around the world to see what health care system is like in america as well as opens the eyes of the americans to see what is actually happening. yes there are some places where michael more may have changed the details but its still all relevant and true. his approach in showing reality comes in comedy as well as informative. justin you posted a comment and you say your a liberal. change your thoughts bro, you may be one of the few people in the world who disagrees and only lives his life according to how much money your getting. your oblivious to everythinbg else and your only gonna realise that there’s others around you when your in trouble yourself. sicko was a great documentary as well as bowling for columbine. it has helped many realise that everything you see on the cover may not be whats in the inside.

  58. ari

    Sicko is a fact..I lived in the US and UK and France and Sweden ..Moore film is a reality.
    The problem with the Americans is that they dont have a fcuking idea about the other world outside the US nd they swallow everything that their masters orders them to swallow..That s the main reason why they suffered the 9/11. The most dangerous disease Americans are afflicted with is the sheer IGNORANCE..
    The lack of moderation and blind ignorance will bring this country down one day.( In 2008 it was very close)
    It is true that 50 million Americans in this country can’t get not even the basic medical care when they become sick..The doctors tell them simply this
    ‘if you dont have money to pay ,go home and die there’
    Good job Michael are a great man . America needs people like you who tells the truth.

  59. Kim Hobbs

    This documentary is not working??

  60. I do agree cuba does have a better health care system then us. As matter of fact, many other countries have better health care. Yes, they do pay for it, but at least when they go to the doctor, there is NO issue about worrying about will the crocked and rich insurance company pay for it? Or will it find a lame excuse not to pay? And what about the new price on progesterone? It went from $10 for a shot to stop preterm labor to $10,000!!!!! The drug companies and the insurance companies are rip off artists in America. An inhaler in cuba (the same one!!!) is 5 cents, guess our price that we pay here… $120!!!

    Seriously, higher taxes and guaranteed health care or high prices for insurance and they deny care for lame excuses. By the way the taxes are not 30 or 40% either.

  61. If you’re still undecided: seize your chosen headsets, mind as a result of any Best to buy and have to be able to plug these into a Microsoft zune next an iPod and see which one sounds easier to an individual, and also which usually user interface allows you to laugh more. Then you’ll know which can be right for you.

  62. u people have no clue

    ok first if american health care is so bad why do so many people from europe travel to the US for operations? I personally know of 4 people that have, guess your government run health care is not all you make it out to be. whenever the government gets involved it always goes to the crapper real fast. as for mikey moore he edits and fabricates stories to make HIS socialist/liberal point come across!!!! he is an entertainer not a documentary producer. he is also a hypocrite supporting the occupy movement when he is suing somebody for money he feel he is owed, you don’t see him or van jones or obama or polesi down there in the streets, do you? now if america really is to have affordable health care which SHOULD be private what we need to do is pass laws protecting our doctors and hospitals from frivolous lawsuits as well as property owners drivers business owners … all these lazy low life pieces of scum that want to take the rest of their lives off cause they cant walk down a set of stairs.or go sking and crash and expect the mountain to pay the 200k cause they shouldn’t have been on skis in the first place. or sue a home owner cause he had a party and a guest had too much to drink and got into a car accident, every body needs to make their own good decisions why should the home owner have to “police” his friends they are adults they screw up its their fault!!!!! or because a doctor was unable to repair all the damage done by a burst fake tittie it was a elective surgery in the first place!!!!! that is why insurance is SO HIGH along with all other insurance… our entitlement society wants everything but no one wants to work for it!!!! OBAMA MUST GO!!!!!

  63. k first if american health care is so bad why do so many people from europe travel to the US for operations? I personally know of 4 people that have, guess your government run health care is not all you make it out to be. whenever the government gets involved it always goes to the crapper real fast. as for mikey moore he edits and fabricates stories to make HIS socialist/liberal point come across!!!! he is an entertainer not a documentary producer. he is also a hypocrite supporting the occupy movement when he is suing somebody for money he feel he is owed, you don’t see him or van jones or obama or polesi down there in the streets, do you? now if america really is to have affordable health care which SHOULD be private what we need to do is pass laws protecting our doctors and hospitals from frivolous lawsuits as well as property owners drivers business owners …

  64. sakara

    michael moore is a typical sick liberal who will eventually make a documentary about what a wonderful person stalin was, and what a utopia the ussr was.

  65. Wayne

    Michael Moore is just like each one of you are,human….. And being human means that every one has their own opinion. And honestly does any of these post really matter(especially this one just my human response). Its not like politicians will read any of this and will suddenly change their minds. I have lived in america my whole life and I am not rich more low middle class and have been able to afford health care and never been denied treatment. My grandpa 81 years of age had cancer three times and have had it treated every time up to the day he died. He was on medicare so he didn’t have to pay for it. And people from Canada were saying that they care for each other and said that
    “people,in canada we care ,we care if people have no money to eat or live ,we care for people who do not have the money to got to a hospital that is why we pay high taxes , but we got the hole thing ….. maybe americans got to start doing the same if they care about their future…”(canadian).The way medicare works is ,”Medicare is funded by the Social Security Administration. Which means it’s funded by taxpayers: We all pay 1.45% of our earnings into Federal Insurance Contributions Act, which go toward Medicare. Employers pay another 1.45%, bringing the total to 2.9%. (If you’re self-employed, you must cough up the entire 2.9%.) The Medicare deduction on your paycheck might say FICA-HI. The HI refers to Health Insurance, and it’s your premium cost for all Medicare coverage”(CNNMoney).Thus saying we Americans do care at least the tax payers. Sorry for contributing just “human”.

  66. You all suck

    alright. so. first off, justin.. who the fuck are you? stop talking bare shit you fucking pussy i’ll rape your mother and make you watch me finish.

    talk shit again. i fucking dare you

  67. Julie

    @cheap call phone the reason people travel to America to have operations is because: Yes you do have great doctors that will do wonders to help you if YOU.HAVE.MONEY…people sometimes don’t want to wait months for an operation so they go where money talks, like the U.S. I would rather wait and pay a little extra in order to get a FREE life saving operation in order to eliminate any stress worrying about how the hell i’m gonna afford it. I have no idea why in the hell Canada even entertains the idea of privatized health care since it OBVIOUSLY doesn’t work (just take a look next door fellow Canadians!). Americans are just being bitter because they can’t handle the fact that they are not, shocking, as perfect as they believe. They are just embarrassed that their flaws have been put on display. All I can say is I’ll be happy that the next time I have to go to the hospital to get looked at the only thing I’ll be worrying about is if I’ll get home in time to cook dinner instead of worrying if I have to sell a liver to pay for my hospital visit.

  68. Jana

    Canadian Health Care is very corrupt. Serious abuses are hidden and covered up so that the public does not complain.
    In an emergency situation you can be refused medical help.
    Ever wonder if medically ill people are being put in psych hospitals to cover up medical negligence. If this happened in the USA you can be sure they would sue but in Canada they just cover up these abuses and conceal any damage or injuries. The tax payers are funding to help pay for a doctors legal defense via the CMPA who are said to have a billion dollars they can use at any time to defend doctors in Canada with use of the tax payers money. Patients have little chance of suing and may have to fun their own lawsuit. How would this be fair to the injured patient. Look and see when the last time a doctor in Canada was charged with anything. Unlike the USA. Doctors in Canada are the most protected in the world in my opinion. If you have been the victim of negligence you can be blacklisted from any care,test or treatment. Nothing you can do about it.

  69. Angela

    Thank you Michael Moore!
    It is known for a long time that these countries have a better system and are more pro people than pro money.
    If Americans would leave their backyard once in a while, they would realize how much we are limping behind the rest of most of the world, including our severely lacking vaccines.

    Your documentary ‘Sicko’ needs to be shown on every major channel (there will always be narrow-minded people).
    My rating: 10 out of 10.

  70. camilo

    of which all Colombians we use however many times we are not aware of our rights and duties are fulfilled by that so many injustices which is why many of the person sometimes come with demands to waves of health entities since last mind these have not given sufficient attention to their users.
    The general system of social security in health is an indispensable right that has all the individuals as it is the protection of the health of you and your family like that any situation affecting their condition of life and economic health; this system is shaping by different public or private insurance this in order to provide welfare to workers and their families.

  71. yelena

    I am sorry to say but American medicine is far from being good.I had very bad experience :they nearly killed me for $100000,my husband had a good chance to loose his foot(diabetic foot),but we have an opportunity to get treatment in Russia:we pay $2000 for tichets,spend another $2000 for renting an appartment,food,transportation(taxi),medication and so on(fixing teeth,oftalmologist consultation).But actually it’s mot only about money…The quality of the treatment is much more better.Last year we went to Germany for the same reason but we liked Russia better.They do not smile as much as American doctors but they act fast.They diagnose much better and accurate.And one more thing-it is clean in Russian hospitals !I mean CLEAN,realy clean!Sterile!

  72. Dwayne

    Michael Moore you make me sick! It is a shame you weren’t in the crosshairs for the scope, you are a un-American traitor, Chris Kyle is not a coward, he saved more soldiers lives than you have common sense. I think your a fraud.

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