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Professional Prisoners – Second chance for criminals

It isnĀ“t easy to live a normal life after you have been in prison. It is difficult to find a job und somethimes the...

Russian Godfathers: Putin and the Oligarchs

This documentary gives a deep insight into Russian Politics and how power got transferred from the oligarchs to Vladimir Putins since the 1990s. Boris...

Russian Prison System & Tattoos – The Mark of Cain

Documentary about the situation in Russian prisons and the people behind the bars. Especially the tattoos of the criminals and their meanings are in...

Tetris Documentary – From Russia with love

Tetris is probably one of the most famous computer-games that have ever been developed. Alexei Pajitnov createt this simple, yet addictive game in 1984...

Soviet War in Afghanistan

This documentary shows the war in Afghanistan at a time where the USA supported the Taliban to fight against their Soviet enemies. Now the...

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