forever youngSince time immemorial, people have been finding the elixir of life to halt the natural process of aging. Scientists have been in joining the quest with infusing technology and scientific advancements to come up with their own formulation of the fountain of youth. A professor from the Moscow State University has even come up with a specific formula for what he believes will bring eternal life to an individual.

Forever Young

According to this professor, the cell’s mitochondria does not only produce energy but also poisonous substances in the form of free radicals. As we age, he said that the production of these poisonous substances is faster. These unwanted substances produce death signals which the cause a chain reaction that affects all other cells negatively. The documentary investigates other possible scientific explanations and interviews numerous scientists who believe that the fountain of youth can be chemically produced.

Towards the middle of the documentary, several individuals who have reached 100 years and more were interviewed. The documentary hopes of finding a pattern that provides a reason for their long life. The latter part of the documentary touches the recent developments on the creation of human cyborg.

Forever Young: How Long Can Humans Really Live?

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