persian-empire2,500 years ago Persia was a great empire; regarded as the forerunner of the Roman Empire. However in spite of its size & strength it had an adversary that would seal its doom. Persia’s nemesis was a smaller empire – Macedon; ruled by Alexander The Great. This documentary shows how the failure of one king can lead to the downfall of a whole empire and how Alexander could manage to win against his superiour enemy – The Persians.

Fall of Great Empires: Storm Over Persia.

The Persian Empire was formed under Cyrus the Great, who took over the empire of the Medes, and conquered much of the Middle East, including the territories of the Babylonians, Assyrians, the Phoenicians, and the Lydians. Cambyses, Son of Cyrus the Great, continued his conquests by conquering Egypt. The Achaemenid Persian Empire was ended during the Wars of Alexander the Great, but Persian Empire arose again under the Parthian and Sassanid Empires of Iran, followed by Iranian post-Islamic Empires like Safavids, up to the modern day Iran.



  1. There was way, way too much German. It wasn’t at all nesessary. Why bother having the narration in English and then switch to some ugly German historians with subtitles every few seconds? Absolutely ruined this documentary

  2. Dear Terry, your intolerance hides from you the fact that with all your love for it, English is but a recent language. The finest way to watch this documentary should have been to hear it in Persian and Greek original. But, alas, your biased ears wouldn’t even dream of it.

    Get down to truth. English happens to be merely a liguistic accident in History. Ancient Greek, Persian, Arabic, Latin, were the languages this gorgeous civilizations were built upon.

    This is a fine documentary, made by professionals, using professional historians to prove historical facts. At least this you should respect.

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