dangerous-knowledgeWhat is Reality? Philosophs, physics and mathematicians have been thinking about this question since thousands of years. This BBC Documentary by David Malone looks at famous personalities who have been thinking about the true nature of reality and shows the findings, doubts and troubles they faced when they started talking publicly about their new “revolutionary” ideas. Among the persons featured in this online-documentary are the mathematicians Georg Cantor, Ludwig Boltzmann, Kurt Gödel, Alan Turing and Greg Chaitin.

Dangerous Knowledge – Part 1/2

BBC Documentary

Dangerous Knowledge – Part 1/2


  1. In Brief an overview of extraordinary thinkers pushing the limits of logic, in mathematics, physics and metaphysics, Cantor is seen as a foundation for earlier thinkers to ponder. Ideas include the limits of time what is eternity and how do you measure it how do we know what we know. The inevitable barrier of the the mind the logic of reason practical applications of theory’s as well as purely theoretical models. Makes for a very interesting documentary.

  2. Georg Cantor tasting blood off of the pages of his work was a little too much but was an awesome documentary.

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