mark whitacre_fbi informantGoing undercover is the only way one can take down the most dangerous criminals and the biggest organizations in the country. For those who choose to have a double life, this comes at a steep price. Mark Whitacre, a Fortune 500 young executive, was FBI’s informant for its antitrust case against the global grain processor Archer Daniels Midland.

Archer Daniels Midland is a leading manufacturer of ingredients that are used for packaged food. The multibillion worth company has powerful ties on government leaders in the country. Mark Whitacre, the head of lysine division of ADM, informed the FBI of a price-fixing agreement of the company with its Asian competitors. All the companies have mutually agreed to decrease supply and set a fixed price to get a huge margin. The FBI just wanted him to record a few conversations between him and these Asian competitors in the beginning. When the FBI had enough evidence to continue the investigation, Mark had his doubts if he can continue being undercover. Watch the documentary below to know his experience as an FBI informant.

How it is Like to Be an FBI Informant

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