sandyhookThe whole world was shocked and devastated at the recent events at Sandy Hook Elementary School. The mass shooting at the Connecticut elementary school killed a lot of innocent children including a few teachers just days before Christmas. The Newtown Massacre is the second most deadly mass shooting in the US history. What makes it even more horrifying is the fact that the victims were small children who didn’t have the means to protect themselves.

That morning of December 14, 2012, several news outfit reported inaccurate reports about the incident. Media companies were quick to claim things which were not verified and which were later on found out to be untrue. Social media accounts and reports also added to the confusion. As an example, one erroneous report was that there were two shooters and only one has been neutralized. We later found out that there was only one shooter.

This documentary seeks to clear the issues and to paint a definitive picture of what really transpired that unfortunate day. It seeks to iron out the inconsistencies on the testimonies of the police, teachers, students and parents who were at the scene.

Sandy Hook Massacre:

Mark Howitt


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