seven wonders of ancient romeThe Roman Empire is the last super power of the ancient world. Relying heavily on its military powers, the empire has reached far and beyond. A Roman emperor has a reputation to uphold and the best way to maintain an emperor’s popularity was to provide jobs and build awe-inspiring structures which have never been seen before.

The first on the list is the Circus Maximus which is twice the size of the largest stadium existing today. As such, it is the largest arena ever constructed. Romans come here to watch gladiators and chariot races. With a capacity of 350,000 people at a time, the arena was the perfect place for emperors to meet and be seen by the commoners. The very first arena was made of wood and the Romans found it not suitable as it gets on fire all the time. The construction of the Circus Maximus in 100 A.D strengthened the idea that the Romans were the first to use and develop concrete. Concrete allowed them to build these structures faster. Concrete is also the reason why the structure survived for 500 years.

This documentary highlights the seven wonders of Ancient Rome and how the Romans were able to construct these massive structures a thousand years in advance before the rest of us.

Seven Wonders of Ancient Rome

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