This documentary asks the question “What have Christianity, 911 and The Federal Reserve all in common?” Some might say its all just about conspiracy theories, but some of the information presented in the movie Zeitgeist are actually proven facts!

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  1. This movie seemed fairly interesting, good questions asked, and good proof to back it up. However, the entire thing seems to get a little desperate trying to match things up. However I can’t speak for the entire movie, at around 28 minutes in, a clearly false representation of the “Jesus fish” was made, referring to its meaning as astronomical, as in Pisces the zodiac symbol. However the Jesus fish is really referring to the first letter of the Greek alphabet, alpha, representing alpha and omega, the beginning and the end, all the Jesus supposedly represents, and has nothing to the astronomy, seeing this, I couldn’t trust anything else in the documentary, so I stopped watching.

  2. Andrew is mistaken. The “Jesus fish”, or “Ichthys” is the Greek word for fish. It is in no way related to alpha (λ) or omega (Ω).

  3. I’ve seen bits and pieces of this documentary and I must say it’s very good, It had me really thinking about the different stuff.

  4. I can definitely agree with the assertion that the beginning of this film gets desperate to link Jesus with astronomical symbols/paraphernalia. It is unnecessary and dilutes the message within.

    That said, however, the rest of this film does a nice job of setting up background evidence and proof, that their main assertions rely upon. Their sources are varied and what mistakes can be found to not seem to be overly detrimental to their main point within the film.

    Not a 1-shot kill by any means, but definitely a great piece, with lots of mutually certifiable evidence and sound reasoning (Save for some obvious reaching in the beginning).

  5. You should not MURDER?…Kill… actually reads the bible lol. Small mistakes like these make question the sources..

  6. You should not MURDER?…Kill… actually read the bible lol. Small mistakes like these make me question the sources..

  7. russell, your alpha (α) is a lambda (λ). and yes, the lowercase alpha does look similar to ichthys, although i am not entirely educated on the link, though it seems likely. by the way, your omega is uppercase and your lambda is lowercase, so i see no reason why anyone should take greek advice from you.

  8. Everyone human being should watch this movie. There is fantastic research and connecting the dots of history. It is unfortunate that some of the childish reviews get lost in there Jesus crap. Greek this and Alpha that, what nonsense. They missed the hole point of the movie. The point is:

    1) Gods/God = Supreme BULL SHIT (Holy Shit)
    2) Government = Total BULL SHIT
    3) The Fed = Shits on us

    The most annoying criticism comes from the religious nut jobs. They believe most of the of the move but not the part that attacks their superstitions. WATCH THE MOVIE WITH AN OPEN MIND!
    5 STARS

  9. I really get annoyed with you people,(the religious type). ASTRONOMY and ASTROLOGY are OLDER!! 10000 (TEN THOUSAND) yrs B.C. (Before Christ) you imbeciles…..PERIOD….than any self-proclaimed prophet including Jesus Christ. I say (self) because there is absolutely no PROOF (none, whatsoever). The Bible is not a clear justification of any actions by “Jesus Christ”. None of “The Healed” testified, wrote their miracles down, nothing, nothing is recorded at all. Now for those of you who shut the 2 hour movie off after 28 minutes, go, go with your feeble mind and continue cramming money into your church. Tell me why if the bible is ABSOLUTE, why the New Testament exists? You know what morons, don’t bother, it doesn’t matter.

    There are so many (like the movie depicts) deities that the (Jesus story) plagiarizes. How the hell are you going to believe such an assinine fable.

    Furthermore genius, if you watched the movie more than 28 minutes..The thousands of years of astrological observations were (Written Down).. imagine that? The age of PISCES is the fish, the beginning of/or around is the times of “Jesus Christ”. But yet none of Jesus Christ’s story through the bible was written while he was alive and bears no author name….at all.
    Anyone who believes in god is pathetic.

    However, I will not dispute that living life according to the 10 commandments from the beginning of time would have undoubtedly given us a life to really admire.
    Too many similarities and not enough differences with 20 other deities prior to Jesus bullshit immaculate conception.

  10. in my opinion, the information comes at you so fast it’s hard for some people to understand fully. i went in with an open mind and watched it several times. that being said, the part about horus, in my research i have not found anything resembling what they were claiming…, and astonomically, you would have to be at a very specific norther latitude for their virgin birth/astrological alignment to hold true. though, you don’t have to believe in Jesus, Mohammad, Moses, Noah, Krishna, or any figure to believe in God. after all, what happened before the big bang? it violates the first and second law of thermodynamics if there isn’t God to spark it.

    however, the “addendum” to this movie, found on youtube, is where the true genius comes out. they explain the financials of the fed much clearer, and the part about the economic hitmen is very interesting. i checked the background on that guy, and he’s got some serious credentials, and a book call “economic hitman”. the addendum is where most people come to some sort of agreement on.

  11. I feel sorry for those who believe in God as a person/someone/something that created the world, human, trees and so on. I believe there is no such thing. Why to ask forgiveness and favors from God, or fear God’s reaction for something you have done because its said in the Bible that is wrong. I believe that the “GOD” is actually ME. If I did something wrong I shall learn from my mistake/experience and not repeat it again. I believe in ME because I am in charge/responsible for my actions. If I truly want something I should DO something for that. Not just sit back and get all my hopes on some guy in heaven.
    I am a big fan of Zeitgeist. i must say it was very depressive to watch it, but that’s the real world which is based on lies, panic, fear, manipulation… so in the end, WHAT HAS CHANGED in the modern world??? i believe its not that black people became free from slavery, now WE ALL ARE slaves (and some people don’t even notice that) and the guy behind the curtain has taken control over our lives and is laughing. But the question is- IS THERE ANYTHING WE CAN DO ABOUT THAT, can we change that? I wish I knew the answer….

  12. ichthys is translated in greek as ΙΧΘΥΣ.we used this word when we were under turks as code for Ι=ΙΗΣΟΥΣ(JESUS) Χ=ΧΡΙΣΤΟΣ(CHRIST) Θ=ΘΕΟΥ(GOD) Υ=ΥΙΟΣ(SON) so the muslims could not undrstand.when we drew a fish it ment that a gathering would take place.GREEKS RULE!

  13. There are actually several reasons the Fish symbol is used to represent Jesus Christ. And, yes, Alpha and Omega are one of them. Don’t just read Wikipedia to get your information. It’s not a valid encyclopedia and is usually filled with incomplete information.

  14. I would really like to say :
    Priests rape kids….how can a normal human beeing belive these pices of shit are in any way shape or form to be taken seriously?
    Pull your heads out of your asses and take a look around you, …..RELIGION KILLS!!!!
    Religion was invented with one purpose and one purpose only:….. to enslave and control people, people like you ( sheeps ) that don’t have the courage to stand up for themselfs and need to be told what to do and what to belive….YES Christianism STINCKS!!!!….and again how can you listen to a bunch of pedofiles, perverts, sick people!
    How can you belive in a book writen 5000 years ago by some evil genius?… must be out of your fucking minds….

  15. Look carefully at the credits at the end of this film. It includes the John Birch Society, an extreme right-wing organization, and affiliates of Lyndon Larouche, a nutty extremist.

  16. People i think we need to look at the real message here CONTROL METHODS. Since modern civilisation began we the people have been controled and manipulated by whatever means have been available and effective for a very small percentage of the remaining population to profit from and I think this film picks up the milestones through history that have affected the course of our society and brings us right upto today with the federal reserve and 911 (The New Pearl Harbour)and we don’t start to question the events that are unfolding around us as a collective united group then the more will fade into the background until we are completly non descript and just a number on a balance sheet. If your not paranoid then your not paying attention. Power to the people-Wolfey Smith.

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